Power control for vehicles, machines and marine applications

The mobile electrification power control products are specially designed for controlling the flow of hybrid and electric power in vehicle, machine and marine applications.

Main product groups

Electric converters including inverters and frequency converters

Electric DC-to-DC converters

The software for all products supports a variety of the communication protocols most widely used in vehicles, e.g. SAE–J1939 and CANopen. As a Danfoss customer, you can further customize the operation of the inverters and create your own applications with the license-free CODESYS IEC61131-3 programming tool.

Power range 100-2,000 kW

EC-C1200 is built with components that can handle double the number of load cycles compared to components used in standard industrial inverters. The standard lifespan of EC-C1200 products is up to 20 years. The high-performance vector control of Danfoss EC-C1200 drives the motors accurately and smoothly. It can control induction motors (IM), permanent magnet (PM) motors and Danfoss reluctance-assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) motors with or without sensors. The EC-C1200 can be selected with different software options allowing it to work as active front end, microgrid, motor control (inverter) and as a DC-to-DC converter.

Product range


Current up to 350 Arms continuous as AC-converter and up to 400 ADC continuous as a DC/DC-converter.

The is a heavy-duty converter specifically developed for electric or hybrid drive trains in mobile work machines, buses or marine vessels. Our electric converter can act as motor inverter, active front end, DC/DC-converter, or to create a microgrid.

Features and benefits

  • Extremely compact design weighing 15 kg
  • High enclosure class IP67, sealed from moisture and dust
  • Ambient temperature up to +105C and down to -40C
  • Coolant temperature up to +65C
  • Robust design withstanding high levels of mechanical vibrations and shocks
  • Designed specifically for the highly cyclical loads typical in heavy mobile work machines


Danfoss Mobile Electrification specializes in hybrid and electric powertrain systems for off-highway and marine markets. A business division of Danfoss, it develops and manufactures high-performance, EDITRON power systems for heavy duty vehicles, machines and marine vessels, based on its unique synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) technology.


Type Name Language Updated Download File type
User guide - BC EC-C1200 Electric Converter User Guide English 28 Jun, 2018 8.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet - AI EC-C1200-450 Electric Converter Data Sheet English 28 Jun, 2018 482.6 KB .pdf

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Case studies

  • Paus and Danfoss electrify mine vehicles
    Paus and Danfoss electrify mine vehicles

    Danfoss partners with Paus Maschinenfabrik from Emsland for providing health protection for miners through emission-free electromobility and cost reduction through lower fuel and ventilation costs.

  • Sailing the electric revolution
    Sailing the electric revolution

    As part of a global plan designed to better support Gothenburg’s growing commuter infrastructure, Sweden’s second-largest public transportation company Västtrafik launched an initiative to help alleviate the emissions.

  • Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan
    Danfoss powers Asia’s first E-ferry in Taiwan

    Replacing diesel with electricity - an efficient and cost-effective solution for reducing ferry emissions.

  • Europe’s first hybrid-powered heavy truck
    Europe’s first hybrid-powered heavy truck

    With the electric drive system, we provide a solution that lowers fuel consumption and emissions; in addition, the powerful hybrid system boosts available low speed torque. 

  • World’s first hybrid-electric horizontal drill halves fuel consumption
    World’s first hybrid-electric horizontal drill halves fuel consumption

    Revolutionizing horizontal directional drilling. 


  • Visedo Oy now Danfoss Mobile Electrification
    Developer team from Danfoss Mobile Electrification wins prestigious Finnish Engineering Award
    Tuesday, May 15, 2018

    The Visedo engineering team has been awarded this year’s Finnish Engineering Award in recognition of the team's work to develop and implement EDITRON, an intelligent electric drivetrain system for heavy duty vehicles.

  • Danfoss acquires Visedo – a world-leading expert in electric solutions
    Danfoss acquires Visedo – a world-leading expert in electric solutions
    Wednesday, November 1, 2017

    Danfoss continues to invest in innovation to enable further growth – the latest with the acquisition of Visedo Oy, a world-leading expert in electric solutions for the off-highway and marine markets.