eDrivetrain system

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eDrivetrain system for traction in commercial vehicles and other Off-Highway applications

The eDrivetrain systems allow for optimized packaging and increased payload capacity due to weight savings. The reduced size and mass of this drivetrain is due to the Danfoss Editron motor and control technology, coupled with the torque multiplying function of the transmission. The two-speed transmission provides the ability to keep the e-motor in the highest efficiency operation region over more of the vehicle's drive cycle. These systems are ideal for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and transit applications.

Features and benefits

Compact packaging size

Voltage range 450 – 750 VDC

Peak power of 250 kW

Peak torque output of 3.050 Nm

Peak system efficiency of 94%


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Data sheet ED-DT318B Data Sheet English Multiple 21 May, 2024 1.3 MB .pdf