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Traction system for traction in commercial vehicles and other Off-Highway applications

The Traction systems consists of an electric motor paired with the traction inverter. They  were specifically designed for heavy-duty commercial electric vehicle applications and provide more than 95% system efficiency. These systems provide the highest continuous power and torque in their class. Designed to meet the most rigorous applications for durability and functional safety, these systems are also a scalable design to future-proof the most diverse commercial EV/HEV/PHEV platforms. This system is designed for pairing with various transmissions as well as integrated into eAxles for optimizing overall vehicle drive train efficiency, increased vehicle range, and total cost of ownership.

Features and benefits

Reduced size and increased power density

Unique, advanced PM synchronous machine

High efficiency (95% DC input to Shaft power out)

Increased Continuous power and torque capability

  • Operating voltages from 250 – 440 VDC or 450 – 750 VDC
  • Peak efficiency up to 95%

System specifications

  EM-PMI318B-T440E-255V and EC-C1200F-1200 EM-PMI318B-T520E-465V and EC-C1200F-1200
Operating speed 0-6000 rpm 0-5500 rpm
Maximum/continuous power* 220 kW/135 kW 250 kW/180 kW
Maximum/continuous torque 700 Nm/440 Nm 1000 Nm/520 Nm
Peak efficiency 95% 95%
Operating voltage 250-440 VDC 450-750 VDC
Nominal voltage** 360 VDC 660 VDC
Communication CAN bus CAN bus


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Data sheet EM-PMI318B and Converter Data Sheet English Multiple 21 May, 2024 1.4 MB .pdf