Increase efficiency

SystemStak is a revolutionary, compact system for sandwich-mounting modular valves between a directional control valve and a standard mounting surface. SystemStak gives you a full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions, while saving space, reducing installation costs and increasing efficiency in hydraulic systems.

  • Size - NG 4 to NG 25 (D02 to D08)
  • Pressure - Up to 315 bar (4,500 psi)
  • Flow - Up to 340 L/min (90 gal/min)

Rugged and reliable

Internal working parts are produced from hardened steel and reside in a continuous-cast ductile (spheroidal graphite) iron body, offering excellent reliability even in high-pressure applications. 

Simple installation, simple maintenance

Bolt-extender kits simplify valve installation by permitting each valve body to be separately and quickly installed and correctly torqued down. The kits also allow the directional valve to be removed for service or replacement without disturbing the stack. Working parts are serviceable without removing valves from the stack.

Why use SystemStak?

  • Save space and improve design flexibility through a smaller, highly configurable package
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Eliminate external leakage and boost resistance to contamination for improved overall reliability
  • Simplify service and maintenance through easy access
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