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Includes user-facing monitoring points and allows for easy adjustments

Amplifier cards are designed for cabinet-mounted applications, where the control electronics are separate from the hydraulic valve. Vickers by Danfoss offers proven solutions for power plants, CNC and injection molding applications, with cards available for pressure control, directional control, and throttle valves.

  • Flexible – Can be easily tuned on site to allow for maximum efficiency
  • Versatile – Designed for a variety of applications and uses
  • Intuitive – Includes user-facing monitoring points and allows for easy adjustments

Simple tuning for maximum efficiency

Amplifier cards are designed and optimized for electrical control of proportional valves. With adjustments for set zero point or deadband compensation and for gain (types A, B, C, and F only), the amplifier cards can be easily tuned on site to drive your system’s valves with precision, speed, and accuracy

Intuitive front panel enables easy adjustment

The amplifiers’ user-friendly front panels with LED lights allow operators to easily monitor and adjust card functions. Monitor points allow measurement of the conditioned command signal, and either spool position LVDT signal or solenoid current.

Compliance with global standards

Using amplifier cards in applications that require compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive or the European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive? The EEA-PAM-5xx-33 card series complies with the latest EMC and RoHS standards.

A card for every function

Amplifier cards are available in multiple types to suit a variety of applications. The A version controls the basic valve function. B through F versions include application boards for open- and closed-loop pressure and position control.

  • Type B amplifier with command logic module and 2 ramps enables separate adjustment of acceleration and deceleration.
  • Type C amplifier with command logic module and 4 ramps allows acceleration and deceleration to be set separately for both directions of movement.
  • Type D amplifier with PID modules replaces two conventional electronic cards.
  • Type E amplifier with strip guidance controller modules controls the position of an electrohydraulic actuator using optical sensors. The controller can be used for strip-edge or strip-center guidance or stack height control.
  • Type F amplifier with CNC adaptation modules replaces two conventional electronic cards. These power amplifiers are used for high accuracy positioning systems with inexpensive standard proportional valves and CNC axis or PLC position controls.

Technical Information

  • Voltage and current input signals
  • Standard input and output signals
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) for high efficiency
  • Electronic overload protection with automatic reset
  • Switchable ramp function generator for controlling rates of increase and decrease of output
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Legacy support: Backwards compatible to -32, -30, -20, -14, and -12 designs


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  • Power plants
  • Tooling
  • Injection molding

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