Proportional Pressure Valves

Includes user-facing monitoring points and allows for easy adjustments

Vickers by Danfoss pressure reducing/relieving valves are three-way valves that provide a controlled output pressure as a function of electric current, regardless of system pressure or flow (within the valve’s limits). With pressures up to 350 bar [5,000 psi] and flows up to 400 l/min [106 US gal/min], these valves have a variety of applications, including: single-acting cylinder position control (e.g., combine header height control; clutch or brake pressure control; and pilot signal to a directional control valve.

  • Size: ISO 4401 size 3, AR-06-2-A, AR-08-2-A 
  • Pressure: up to 350 bar [5,000 psi]
  • Flow: up to 400 l/min [106 US gal/min]
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Features and benefits

  • Available with and without onboard electronics (OBE/non-OBE)
  • Excellent repeatability and stable performance
  • Self-bleeding design simplifies installation and ensures consistent performance
  • On board ramp adjustment that enables onsite fine-tuning
  • Reliable, rugged 7-pin electrical mating connectors that provide easy access for test equipment
  • Choice of pressure ranges

Don’t forget the subplates and bolts kits

To install industrial valves, you need subplates and bolt kits. This hardware is engineered especially for Vickers by Danfoss valves and manifolds to give your systems the flat surfaces and stiffness required for a reliable seal.


  • Machining and metal forming 
  • Injection and blow molding 
  • Hydraulic presses 
  • Pulp, paper, and wood processing 
  • Mobile machinery for construction and other applications
  • Oil and gas 
  • Marine/offshore 

Designed to perform, built to last​​

A leader in hydraulics for over 100 years, the Vickers by Danfoss portfolio of industrial solutions deliver legendary performance, even under the most extreme conditions. 

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