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Danfoss Ally™ Pro

Danfoss Ally™ Pro - Manage your building smarter

Danfoss Ally™ Pro enables you to connect and control our range of Danfoss products for better comfort in buildings. The Ally™ Pro platform is intuitive and can be controlled from anywhere. It also easily integrates into traditional Building Management Systems via an open API interface.
Danfoss Ally™ Pro is the perfect fit for light commercial buildings, public buildings, and hotels and resorts—granting precise heating control from one central place.

Danfoss Ally™ Pro supports full control of the entire building(s)

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Danfoss Ally™ Pro

Manage your building smarter

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Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
User guide Danfoss Ally™ Pro (User Guide) English Multiple 15 Jun, 2023 12.7 MB .pdf


In schools, office and public buildings, the internet security plays an important role.

To commission the Danfoss Ally™ Gateway, it is important to allow local network communication. The existing internet network must allow for the Ally™ devices to gain access.

Enable WLAN port settings in the router: Open port 8886/TCP OUTGOING

Enabled LAN settings in the router: DHCP enabled

IP address:

Please note: The Danfoss Ally™ Gateway does not require any inbound connections and does not support the static IP address.

To ensure reliable communication of the system, it is important to never exceed 128 mains and 32 battery-powered devices per Danfoss Ally™ Gateway:

Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostat 32 units
Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor 32 units
Danfoss Ally™ Zigbee Repeater 128 units
Danfoss Ally™ Zigbee Module 20 units
Danfoss Icon2™ Main Controller (floor heating) 20 units
Danfoss Icon2™ Room Thermostat 128 units
Devices per room 128 units
Devises per one gateway 128 units
Rooms per one gateway Unlimited
Homes/families Unlimited



Function Danfoss Ally™ Pro
Location Max 10 pieces
Home Max 100 pieces
Zone Max 100 pieces
Devices Unlimited
Full access users (Facility managers) Max 10 users per location
Read only users Max 10 users per location
Files upload in Building Map JPG & PNG only - no PDF files
Browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari
Language EN, DE, DK
  • The intended coverage of one Danfoss Ally™ Gateway should not exceed an area of 250 m2.
  • It is generally recommended to use extra gateways rather than repeaters. However, if some areas of a building cannot be equipped with gateways due to missing power outlets or internet connection, then signal repeaters can be used.
  • The Zigbee signal repeater functions the same as in mesh networks and typically includes other mains-powered devices that spread out the signal throughout a building and act as individual nodes. Each node communicates with one another to amplify the signal to extend its Zigbee coverage.
  • Note: Repeaters should be located only in positions in which there is low risk of removal or power being switched off.


Prior to any physical activities, one or several planning sessions with all stakeholders is strongly recommended. Consider thoroughly the heating needs of your entire location and consider whether these can be grouped in zones, e.g. office rooms starting later in the day than the canteen facilities etc. A thorough planning phase prior to implementation saves time and money.

If no internet network/access is available (e.g. new-build), and the Ally™ system needs to be installed up front, it is recommended to use a mobile router as an access point to be able to set up the system.

No Danfoss Ally™ device should be mounted in hidden/closed/covered places as this will impair the wireless communication distance as well as correct system operation. Installation in hidden/closed/covered positions will lead to imprecise temperature measurement and regulation!

Expected communication distance among battery and mains-powered devices is up to 30 m on free line of sight. Note: any heavy construction will influence and potentially limit the communication distance significantly. These may not always be obvious and can also be walls with metallic reinforcement, any hidden metallic constructions, heavy glass partitions etc.

Each radiator must be equipped with a Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostat. It must be checked whether room air can circulate freely around the control element to ensure proper functioning. If this is not the case, a Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor should be installed in the room.

For all situations in which the Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostat for some reason cannot properly measure the room temperature, a Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor should be placed on the wall in the room. This may be the case if obstacles are placed in front of the thermostat/radiator, e.g. radiator covers, curtains or furniture.  

For installations in which the radiator thermostats are positioned very close to the floor level or in a ‘dead’ corner, a proper temperature measurement can be impaired. In these situations, we strongly recommend adding a Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor, even though the radiators may not be covered. The room sensor will help assure correct and precise measurement of temperatures for the totality of the room and provide an overall better user experience.

For daily use, it is highly recommended to name all devices in a logical and structured manner. The facility manager and any other person handling the solution, will have a much easier job if all devices are named logically and thus easy to find, e.g. for battery replacement. Consider physical tags on each device.


In addition to these recommendations, please also refer to the Danfoss Ally™ Pro User Guide in which detailed planning recommendation advice can be found.


Find the landing page at www.allypro.danfoss.com, click "Don't have an account" and follow the guided steps. Depending on your mail account settings, it may take a while for the confirmation mail to arrive, after you have requested to sign in.

Find the landing page at www.allypro.danfoss.com, login with your Ally™ Pro account and password.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click the location which has been added before, click “Home” and then click icon ” Import devices from home”. 

* Please note, before importing the Ally™ devices, make sure that the entire system is fully configured and has logical and relevant device and room names.

No, this is not possible.

Yes. Navigate the profile settings and change your language.

*Please note, the language part is still under construction and will be improved as soon as possible.  

Installers can be removed by a Facility Manager. Click the pencil icon in the user review window and delete the relevant account.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click your location that has been added before, click “Home” and then click the icon “Upload home map”.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click the location which has been added before, click “Home” and then click the icon location “Add zone”, drag and drop the marker to the relevant map place.   

As soon as all devices have been imported to the Ally™ Pro platform, click the location, click “Home”, click the zone marker and enter a building area plan page, then click the icon "Place device in this zone”, choose devices from the list, drag and drop devices to the relevant map place.  

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click your location, click “Home”, then click the relevant zone marker where the certain device is located, find the radiator thermostat on the building area zone map, and click the icon thermostat to enter the thermostat settings page with temperature adjustment buttons up and down.

When the temperature has been changed, the user will get a notice that the device is switched to the ‘Manual mode’. 

* Please note, the schedule function is not currently supported by Ally™ Pro. We are working on releasing this function as soon as possible.

This function allows choosing a vacation mode for a certain period of time, for a group of rooms when heating is not needed, or when the temperature should be turned down.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click your location, click “Home”, then click the relevant zone marker with a certain group of the Ally™ Radiator Thermostats and click the icon ”Add vacation for this zone”.

A schedule mode can be setup in the Ally™ App, but not in the Ally™ Pro platform so far.
*This feature is under construction and soon to come.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click your location, click “Home” and find the alarms on the right-hand part of the screen. Here, the reason for the alarm is explained, and the time of occurrence is shown.

Currently the Ally™ Pro platform supports:

  • Danfoss Ally™ Gateway
  • Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostat
  • Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor
  • Danfoss Icon™ RT
  • Danfoss Icon™ Master
  • Danfoss ECL 310

Naming/renaming devices is currently possible in the Ally™ App only.

Please note, all device names and rooms should be configured in the Ally™ App before importing into the Ally™ Pro platform.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click icon plus to add a new location, write a location name in the pop-up window, then click icon location to set a location on the map.  

A new location can be created by the Facility Manager only. One Facility Manager can create up to 5 locations so far.

*Please note, we are working to improve number of locations up to 100. Coming soon.

Open the Ally™ Pro platform, click your location, click “Home”, scroll a bit down and choose the relevant device/zone from the list in an “All devices in-home” section. Scroll down to find the temperature history graph.