Timers for superior comfort and energy savings

Time controls on most domestic heating and hot water systems are among the first essentials for improving home comfort and reducing running costs. They trigger the controls ‘chain of command’, sending automatically timed On and Off instructions to other system components. Each user-set, timed switching program helps to maintain desired comfort levels and prevents excessive fuel consumption by inhibiting unnecessary boiler firing.

We usually cut heating costs and sleep better in a cooler room by using a time control to automatically switch off the system late evening and on again early morning. Also, we use the same timer to set Off and On periods during the daytime for additional benefit.

Features and benefits

Both electro-mechanical and electronic time controls usually provide 2 or 3 On/Off settings a day.

They are easily programmable for either 24-hour, weekday/weekend (5/2 day) or 7-day periods; and some models offer all these options in one unit.

Electronic models incorporate battery back-up to retain program memory in the event of power cuts.