Infocal 9

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Energy calculator for flow sensors in commercial applications

Infocal™ 9 is an energy calculator used in combination with Sono 3500 CT™ flow meters or SonoSensor™ 30 flow sensors. It is designed for the demanding requirements of district energy systems.

The calculator is MID Class II B+D certified and comes in either a 230 V AC mains power supply or battery-powered version offering a 12 year battery lifetime.

Technical data

  • Size:  DN15 – DN1200
  • Temperature: 0-160°C 
  • Types: Energy calculator
  • Approvals: MID class II B+D (heating)
  • Flow sensor cable length: Up to 100.0m (230 VAC)| 10.0m (battery supply)
  • Temp. sensor cable length: 2.0m | 3.0m | 5.0m | 10.0m
  • Configuration options: 
    • Pulse outputs
    • Additional sensors for flow, pressure and temperature
  • Data logging: 36 months
  • Modular: 1 slot for communication modules
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Communication:
    • Wired M-Bus
    • Wireless M-Bus (OMS)
    • 2x Pulse outputs/inputs
    • RS 485 Modbus RTU
    • 2x 4-20mA 
  • Power:
    • Battery D-cell 3.6V
    • Mains unit 230 V AC

Features and benefits

Covers a large range of sizes, from DN15 to DN1200

High frequency of input pulse for flow sensor up to 200 Hz

Wide temperature range increases the product usability

Up to 100.0m flow cable length


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