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AlsmartTM Innovative modular design with intuitive toolchain

Danfoss’ range of universal programmable controllers is the smart compact powerful brain of an HVAC unit (chiller, rooftop, heat pump, dedicated outdoor air systems) with the latest technology inside to enable best-in-class application management, to facilitate in the use of low GWP natural refrigerant gases and to introduce high technology module-based design and simulation, to reduce time to market.

The Alsmart Design and Alsmart Service Tool provides a complete and intuitive software platform, putting the user at ease with programming tools compliant with IEC 61131-3, providing high degree of connectivity and high level of cybersecurity thanks to compliance with IEC 62443.

Alsmart Design is the core of the toolchain, the programming tool used to program, compile, and debug your application to fully manage the universal controller and expansion modules connected to it. It supports five main standard programming languages, with an automated test function embedded, a simulation mode function, options to design and customize your user interface, and many other features that will make the difference in optimizing the performance of your HVAC application. 

Alsmart Service Tool is web server based and its main target is to setup and monitor the application. The dashboard is customizable by adding new widgets with live diagrams and graphs but also to check preferred specific parameters. It's possible to set different users with different access and visibility to create different levels to look, manage, and monitor all application parameters and set up the communication of the controller. From a service part point of view, it's possible to look, save, and download alarms, logs, and behavior history, in order to have a clear understanding of what is happening live in the system and, as a consequence, in order to easily define the best performance of the system and replicate it quickly once again. It's also the best support to backup and restore the setting of the controller, for the best maintenance experience ever.

Features and benefits

Safety guaranteed by the opto-isolated power supply. Failsafe mode functionality when connecting the modules and ready for applications with flammable natural refrigerants.

Reliable thanks to the ultra high speed compilation time and scalable memory.

Flexible use due to hardware modularity which allows fast expansion of the modules, with universal inputs/outputs, auto-recognition function, built-in electronic valve driver, USB-C working also when turned off and even at very harsh working conditions.

Integration and connectivity very advanced due to 2 Ethernet ports, wide range of protocols integrated and MQTT under development for Cloud connection (Danfoss and third part)

Programming and service tools will allow the user a unique programming, debugging, commissioning and monitoring experience, supporting each application and with a high possibility of customization.

The libraries and applications, optimized and tested at the Danfoss ADC laboratory, facilitate programming and compatibility with all other Danfoss components in the ecosystem.

Cyber security is a very important achieved priority that is satisfied at any time.


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