HVAC, light and energy control

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Integrate the control of your supermarket functions

Danfoss offers a comprehensive program of controllers, actuators and sensors to control a wide range of functions in the supermarket, e.g. heating, ventilation, air conditioning and light.

The control of the many different components can be integrated in the Danfoss system manager for easy monitoring and operation.

The components can be configured for multiple functions in food retail, for instance:

  • Basic I/O control of lighting, boilers, coffee machines with AK-XM
  • Control of floor heating with AK-LM 340 PI controller
  • Heat Recovery from CO2 Pack for tap-water and heating with AK-PC 781
  • Control of Air Handling Unit with customized MCX Controller

Features and benefits

State-of-the-art components for a large variety of applications in food retail

High quality for reliable operation and long service life

Opportunities for energy savings through efficient, integrated control

Full control and visibility of your store from one web-interface or App

All components from one supplier to secure end to end connectivity

Application development centers - Danfoss

Application development centers

Partner up with us to prepare for the future. At our global application development centers we offer a collaborative environment with expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities for refrigeration and air conditioning.

We are Engineering Tomorrow. Together. Today.

This Danish university is at the forefront of the refrigerant revolution with low-GWP scroll chillers

Advanced labs for education and research will put a high demand on the cooling system. Therefore, Danfoss and partner G.I. Industrial Holding are introducing one of the first chillers using the refrigerant R452B. It has some of the lowest Global Warming Potential for scroll systems available today.

Product range

  • AK-CM communication modules for AK - Danfoss
    AK-CM communication modules for AK

    Communication modules for additional input and output. Accessory as an outdoor photocell with temperature sensor generally used to sense outside ambient temperature and light levels, and an indoor relative humidity sensor with an ambient temperature sensor.

  • AK-PS power supplies for ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration control systems
    AK-PS power supplies for ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration control systems

    External power supply modules for AK controllers.

  • AK-XM 100 extension modules - Danfoss
    AK-XM 100 extension modules

    AK 1-XM modules are connected to the controls in applications that require more connections than featured by the controls.

  • AK-XM 200 extension modules - Danfoss
    AK-XM 200 extension modules

    AK 2-XM modules are connected to the controls in applications that require more connections than featured by the controls.

  • AK-SM 850 system manager - Danfoss
    AK-SM 850 system manager

    The Danfoss AK-System Manager (AK-SM) is a modern solution for the food retail markets. The AK-SM uses the latest technology to provide the maximum benefit to the end user, both in terms of energy saving optimization, control options and user friendly access.