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Danfoss RefCare: Your Trusted Service Support for BOCK® Compressors

At Danfoss, we understand the importance of reliable aftersales service support for the maintenance and repair of BOCK® compressors. That's why we are proud to present RefCare, a comprehensive service program built by an international network of certified RefCare service partners and our own HUBs.

A global network for local support

With our RefCare service partners located across the globe, we ensure that local support is readily accessible, making repair and maintenance of BOCK® products easier than ever. We believe that having experts who know and understand our compressors is crucial as we strive towards a circular economy.

Boosting technical knowledge and service in the local markets

By leveraging the expertise of our RefCare Partners, we aim to create BOCK® centers of excellence in local markets. These partners undergo rigorous training to gain an in-depth understanding of our compressors. Equipped with this knowledge, they can perform warranty inspections and repairs, providing you with best-in-class service support. This not only extends the lifetime of our products but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, aligning with Danfoss' sustainability agenda where circularity is a key pillar.

To ensure the highest level of competence, our RefCare Partners undergo yearly training courses and receive certification to work on BOCK® compressors. This certification guarantees that you are receiving service from professionals who know our compressors inside out. Moreover, having a local point of contact means that service technicians can access support in their native language, ensuring efficient and effective problem resolution.

Quality and sustainability

Our mission is to provide you, our valued customers, with high-quality service and products. We are committed to offering technical assistance and expertise, resolving issues promptly, and delivering services with utmost efficiency. With Danfoss RefCare, you can trust that your BOCK® compressors are in safe hands, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.


  • Circularity: The RefCare program aligns with Danfoss‘ sustainability agenda, where circularity is a key pillar (rethink – reduce – recirculate – approach).


  • Ensuring a faster time-to-market: Repairing compressors in the local market saves valuable time. Using a local RefCare Partner to service and repair their compressors will enable end-customers to reduce downtime.


  • Support in local language: Our RefCare Partners speak the same language, know the culture and the market and they have the necessary technical knowledge to assist technicians in their area. 




FAQ for customers

For repairs of compressors that are no longer under warranty, you can contact your responsible service partner directly.

Not every repair always makes sense. If the repair does not make economic sense, the service partner can also offer you a new compressor.

As damage can vary, it can sometimes take a little longer. On average, however, the compressor should be repaired within a week.

Our standard warranty period is 12 months from the date of invoice.

If the compressor is urgently required, refurbished compressors can also be purchased from some service partners. Our service partner will take and repair your defective compressor and store it for the next service job for customers.

Find the service partner on our homepage and use the contact details on the homepage.

Our service partners will only use original spare parts for the repair. In this way, we can ensure that you get the best possible durability.

FAQ for Partners

Whenever possible, the service partner receives its spare parts directly from the BOCK® factory. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to use the Danfoss route due to customs advantages.

Contact your local Danfoss responsible Person. He can forward your request to our RefCare department

Hand-On training, How to repair a compressor, System Trainings, How to do an inspection, Danfoss Structure and claim handling process.

Service partners are selected exclusively by our RefCare team. Among other things, we check whether the service partner is technically and economically suitable. The possibilities are then checked during an on-site visit. If you are interested in a partnership, you are welcome to ask your local Danfoss sales representative.

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    Danfoss launches new aftersales service for BOCK® compressors
    Monday, May 27, 2024

    The new service – Danfoss RefCare – will build an international network of certified service partners and Danfoss-owned service hubs, capable of providing best-in-class service and maintenance of BOCK® compressors.

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