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Increased operator productivity

Today’s off-highway engines work hard to meet output needs. With more stringent emissions regulations, meeting these needs becomes increasingly challenging. As engine compartments become smaller and more emission components are required, an intelligent thermal management solution is a must. Danfoss is here to help.

With our complete fan drive solutions, Danfoss can help you maximize available engine power, decrease fuel costs and increase operator productivity.

We do this by helping you create the most efficient fan drive system for your machines. New engines are bigger and running hotter so there’s a greater need for cooling. This is not only due to increased heat rejection, but also to control the temperatures in the engine. This is to meet both the emissions limits and fuel consumption requirements. On top of that, designers are facing lower engine efficiency.

Based on your unique cooling needs, Danfoss can work with you. Helping to design several different open-circuit and closed-circuit fan drive systems solving these challenges. All Danfoss configurations also involve the use of PLUS+1® microcontrollers for precise and efficient control.

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    PLUS+1® input/output modules

    Our CAN-based PLUS+1® input/output (I/O) modules are stackable microcontroller add-ons providing smooth and effective hydraulic vehicle control functions.

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    PLUS+1® MC microcontrollers

    Our powerful PLUS+1® microcontrollers bring intelligence to every node of a distributed control system. And they are equally effective for stand-alone control in smaller machines.

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    Open circuit axial piston pumps

    Variable open circuit piston pumps are needed whenever it’s time for your machine to do work. With a broad range of displacements (25-260cc) and pressure ratings up to 350bar, Danfoss makes powering cylinders, motors, and cooling systems easy. We support all applications in the construction, agriculture, industrial, marine, and oil and gas industries.

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    Propel Controllers and Software

    Building intelligent vehicle control has never been easier with our off-the-shelf propel solutions for automotive control. Take advantage of easy, straightforward start-up with dozens of built-in options.

    Our continuously growing family of controllers and software platforms are all configurable within the PLUS+1 Service Tool.

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    Closed circuit axial piston pumps

    We offer displacements from 20cc up to 280cc and a range of control options, from direct displacement control to automotive control options, to suit your specific application.

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