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Aquaculture solutions

Aquaculture is a booming industry set to feed the growing world population. We offer technology and know-how that helps fish farmers and other aquaculture businesses feed the potential with sustainable and energy efficient solutions.

Feed the potential

With Danfoss, you get unmatched knowhow, experience, and technology for sea pen-, land based- and offshore fish farms. We can help you design and create tailored solutions to feed your aquaculture operation's potential.

Advanced aquaculture technology from egg to plate

Background: The aquaculture potential

The world's appetite for fish is rising, and global human consumption in 2030 is projected to be 18% higher than today. Aquaculture is key to keeping up with this demand for a sustainable source of animal protein, as fish farms allow the world to produce more high-nutrient food with a lower CO2 footprint.

Though wild-caught fish make an essential contribution to the world's seafood supply, wild stocks of fish are nowhere near plentiful enough to feed a growing world population. In other words, farming fish helps protect the world's natural resources of fish.

Aquaculture is on the rise

Since 1990, aquaculture has grown by 527%. Looking ahead, the number of fish farms will rise on land and sea. FAO, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, expects aquaculture to increase by more than 30% by 2030.

Let's create a sustainable future for fish farming

Aquaculture holds a massive potential to feed a growing world population. But it also faces a challenge in ensuring that operations are environmentally sustainable and energy efficient to lower operational costs and their carbon footprint.

Aquaculture has already undergone a massive development. Improved management practices  and more efficient recirculating systems means everything from fish waste to disease control is handled efficiently to safeguard water quality, marine life, animal welfare, and nearby coastal communities.

Moving aquaculture into the future

But how to meet the pace of accelerating demands and fulfill the aquaculture industry's climate targets? The key will be using the sustainable technologies we already have available today to improve efficiency and reduce fossil-fuel dependency for recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) and traditional fish farming systems.

Danfoss has been a close partner to the aquaculture industry since the dawn of the first experimental farm. Today, we offer the technology needed to support a sustainable future for the entire aquaculture value chain.

Our solutions help fish farmers and related businesses bring high-quality aquaculture products to the market from marine aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture, ensuring food safety and water quality.

Advanced aquaculture technology

The fjords of Norway to the American Pacific coast and on to Asia: Danfoss' advanced aquaculture technology is relied upon in several aquaculture operations worldwide. Learn more below about the different technologies and related solutions and products we offer within aquaculture.

Aquaculture FAQ

Wild fish are caught from wild populations, while farmed fish are bred in aquaculture. On the plate, farmed fish and wild-caught fish for human consumption generally look the same. Variations in nutrition might occur between fish from wild stocks and cultured fish, depending on where the wild stocks of fish have lived and which aquaculture practices have been applied.

Marine aquaculture produces include food fish such as salmon, carp, channel catfish, and tilapia. Freshwater aquaculture produces species such as freshwater prawns and similar aquatic animals, but also juvenile fish that are transferred to marine aquaculture.

Land-based aquaculture moves the production of fish closer to the consumer: Practically, any region is suitable. New aquaculture businesses are often founded by land farmers that simple go from farming land animals to farming fish.

Aquatic organisms such as seaweeds and similar aquatic plants are also common aquaculture produces.

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Aquaculture experts from Danfoss

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