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H1F Fixed Motor: Take H1 Technology to New Levels

The next chapter of the H1 legacy is here!  Our new H1F fixed displacement bent-axis hydraulic motor is designed for open- and closed-circuit applications, and offers a compact design, proven reliability, and efficiency – up to 95% - completely surpassing the competition, no matter the pressure rating or rotational speed. 

The lightweight H1F motor features a power-dense, compact envelope for ease of installation.  With its short length and 32-degree angle, the package size is one of the most compact on the market, enabling machine manufacturers to reduce the space claim of the hydraulic system.

Key benefits:

• Proven H1 technology, building on the solid legacy of H1B bent-axis motors

• Up to 95% efficiency – leading to fuel savings, improved productivity, and reduced heat generation

• System pressure up to 510bar (abs), 480bar (delta)

• Can be used for open- and closed-circuit applications

• Our 80cc is the first frame size – many more to come, from 60cc to 250cc

A competitive analysis of the H1F 80cc (red line) versus the next-best alternative (blue line):

The H1 Advantage

The H1F is the newest member of Danfoss’ H1 family.  It has pioneered not only open- and closed-circuit variable displacement axial piston pumps and motors, but also the whole mobile hydraulic industry. With Danfoss’ decades of experience, the H1F will give you numerous advantages in a wide variety off-highway mobile machines, as well as best-in-class, innovative, and efficient technology.  With millions of units in the field since 2005, H1 technology is the proven, undisputed gold standard.

Key applications for the H1F:

  • Agriculture
  • Rollers
  • Winches
  • Drill Drives
  • Fan Drives
  • Forestry
  • Track Drives


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User guide H1F bent axis fixed displacement motor H1F 060/080 technical information English Multiple 21 Mar, 2024 5.7 MB .pdf
Data sheet H1F Bent Axis Fixed Displacement Motor Size 080 cm³ Data Sheet English Multiple 15 Mar, 2024 769.8 KB .pdf
User guide H1F Bent Axis Fixed Displacement Motor Size 080 cm³ Technical Information Japanese Multiple 10 May, 2024 4.8 MB .pdf