The perfect match for precise control

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The perfect match for precise control

The perfect match for precise control

Danfoss PVG proportional valves, together with our PLUS+1® remote controls, offer a unique synergy that enables precise control as well as enhanced ergonomic functions. In an industry where machine design evolves rapidly, maintaining consistent performance and prioritizing operator experience can set you apart from the competition.

Features and benefits

Remotely operated sub-system

Maximum sizing efficiency in system construction

Most accurate proportional control system

Easy integration with other electrohydraulic sub-systems in the application

Danfoss PLUS+1® technology simplifies system solution development times

The match

Pairing Danfoss PVG 16 proportional valve with PLUS+1® IK2

The perfect match for utility vehicles in material handling

This perfect match allows for a remotely operated sub-system for utility vehicle applications such as furniture lifts. The PVG 16 and PLUS+1® IK2 offer the ideal remotely operated sub-system for a furniture lift that require both elevation and platform functions.

Sub-systems can be made cost efficient, while using high technology, by pairing a Danfoss remote control together with a CANbus controlled valve. Using the CANopen protocol embedded in both products, the system can be realized without the need for a controller or programming skills.

The operators can carry out their job efficiently, ensuring goods are carried without any interruption or unpleasant surprise, thanks to the smooth integration of the hydraulic and remote control solution.

Pairing Danfoss PVG 16/32 proportional valve with PLUS+1® IK3

The perfect match for a crawler in the construction sector

When working on a construction site, the environmental conditions can vary from rain to extreme heat or a muddy field. Designing a robust yet comfortable solution is the only way to succeed in these conditions.

Danfoss PVG proportional valves allow you to maximize machine capabilities controlling not only the crane operation, but also the tracking with a selection of different modules specifically designed for this size of application. Using the IK3 together with the PVG 32, allows for the control of the crane with extreme precision while ensuring stability.

Moreover the 4.3" Colour display on the IK3 also allows the operator to monitor the status of the machine continuously and the optically bonded display ensures an outstanding visibility even on sunny days.

Pairing Danfoss PVG 48/128 proportional valve with PLUS+1® IK4

The perfect match for the travel lift in the marine sector

Harbours are challenging environments for wireless devices. Danfoss 2.4GHz radio supports robust radio communication against interference.

This remote control helps the operator to supervise the lift and travel operation with the required control and precision. At the same time they can review the prow, stern and total weight on the 4.3" display.

With five PVG proportional valves to choose from, there will always be a combination that match the lifting capabilities of the crane – from small to large. Together with our state of the art actuators, the valve will feel like an extension of your own arm, precisely controlling the movement whether it is steering, driving or hoisting.  

Pairing PVG 48/128 together with PLUS+1® IK4 remote control will ensure, the maximum productivity as well as an extended lifecycle.

Working with Danfoss

At Danfoss, our engineers work closely with you to understand your applications’ unique challenges — and together, we design ways to overcome them. With our teams of application experts, alongside our global support network, together we can address virtually any challenge you face on your way to market when you partner with Danfoss. We’re committed to working with you to engineer tomorrow.