Water and wastewater

Give your water system an intelligent edge

Modern society runs on water. Ensuring water use efficiency has never been more important. Recent studies show that incorporating automated process control into your operation can help you reduce leaks, optimize water and energy efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions.

At Danfoss, we put our drives at the heart of transforming water infrastructure, and we can help you improve your water system by delivering higher performance, reliability, and water and energy efficiency. With the Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202, you can achieve new levels of intelligence and water efficiency without vulnerability, thanks to built-in EDGE intelligence.

VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

An intelligent edge that boosts performance

Danfoss Drives patented edge technology gives you unparalleled control of your system, ensuring increased uptime and operating cost savings. Our cloud-free artificial intelligence is embedded in the drive and automatically defines application-specific baseline operating parameters. With real-time system alerts and fault detection, our intelligent drives provide you with an onsite solution that easily integrates into your existing on-premises system to boost performance and reduce your carbon footprint.

New report: Realize energy and CO2 emission reductions with the best available solutions

The Danish water industries federation, DI Water, reports that the potential for global emission reduction in wastewater treatment is more than 180 Mtpa CO2e, equivalent to eliminating the emissions of 100 million cars annually. The potential reduction in electricity consumption amounts to the combined production of all European coal-fired power plants. Danish experience shows that digitalization can deliver 70% of this emission reduction. Here, VLT® AQUA Drive is a key component.

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Generating surplus power from wastewater treatment

Since 2010, Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant has switched its focus beyond minimizing energy consumed, to maximizing net energy surplus. Today, the facility has a net production of 150% electricity and 50% surplus in heat production, supporting both the local electricity and district heating networks in Denmark’s second-largest municipality, Aarhus. The facility’s carbon footprint has been reduced by 35% accordingly.

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