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Welcome efficiency. Welcome electric.

Maritime transport emits more than 900 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Electrification is the way forward for short sea and inland shipping in harbors, rivers, and fjords. In transitioning vessels from diesel to pure electric power, powerful onshore support is essential, in the form of reliable infrastructure for rapid charging capacity and stable grid supply.

The Hareid-Sulesund electric ferry "Suloey", Norway

Recharging land and sea 

Electric vessels will be the preferred transport of tomorrow. To meet the demands this will put on charging solutions, fast charging needs to become economically viable and available on a mass scale. That way we can start to power a sustainable future. 

Multi-MW charging for reliably fast turnaround

Most of us are familiar with electric vehicle charging, and the same principles apply to fast vessel charging in the maritime industry, only on a larger scale. Fast charging is especially relevant for fully electric vessels, which are typically used in short-haul passenger ferries and cargo vessels such as the electric ferry “Suloey". Despite their small scale compared to huge container or cruise ships, the power needed to rapidly charge ferries is in the multi-MW range. For successful ferry electrification, it’s therefore critical to master both grid performance and the charging process.

Our approach

High performance, low complexity 

At Danfoss Drives, we have the application expertise and the power converters to deliver fast charging without compromise on performance or scalability. The highest possible power density and efficiency, paired with compact and lightweight construction, allow a flexible integration into vessel machine rooms and fast vessel chargers. And with an independent approach to systems, we enable you to design the best system possible with low complexity.  With extensive expertise in marine, we tailor the solution to your specific needs, so you get fast charging with maximum performance and reliability for any type of vessel. 

With Danfoss Drives products converting energy from the grid to battery and vice versa if needed, batteries can be charged with optimal speed and with high efficiency. Our scope of supply is the power conversion equipment, typically with smart grid control functions. A typical example is the system designed for the electric ferry ”Grotte”, based in Esbjerg, Denmark.

What are the benefits of mastering grid stability for reliable fast charging? In short, you get more, for less.


Reduce or defer capital expenses (CAPEX)
By actively controlling, monitoring and supporting the grid from local batteries on shore you can achieve the high peak power crucial to fast charging without investing in grid infrastructure. This is done by using local batteries with peak shaving functionality. Peak shaving involves optimizing the energy flow between the incoming supply and local storage to meet spikes in demand without disrupting the supply grid. Excess energy can be stored when demand and costs are low.

Reduce operating expenses (OPEX) 
Draw upon green electricity to power the vessels. When this green energy is produced and consumed locally, the OPEX is minimized.

In Nærøyfjord, Norway, the local mains grid does not have sufficient capacity to charge the ferry "Future of The Fjords" directly. Instead, the vessel recharges its battery at the PowerDock, a floating fiberglass dock with 2.4 MWh charging capacity: 1.2 MWh sourced from a battery pack and 1.2 MWh from the grid.

Contact our experts

Are you ready to accelerate your electrification journey? Our fast-charging expert, Wouter Wolters, is ready to get in touch with you and have an informal discussion. 



Learn more about our product offering 

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Meeting the challenges

We are constantly overcoming new challenges to optimize performance and efficiency in marine electrification. Our maritime engineers are at the forefront of DC grid implementation, and know how to extract the extra energy saving benefits of combining DC grid, energy storage and/or variable speed generators. And the challenges? For instance, we have figured out how to provide the more sophisticated protection specially required for DC grids, supporting stable fast charging of vessels. 

Power conversion beyond EV charging - Navigating the zero-emission voyage

As well as fast vessel charging, Danfoss Drives supports decarbonization of the marine industry in diverse applications including shore supply and hybridization, using the benefits of peak shaving and time delay to use energy in the most competitive way possible. Throughout Danfoss Group, we also offer a broad range of energy efficiency technologies to support you in meeting climate targets.

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    Danfoss acquires 1500 VDC converter technology and team to extend electrification portfolio
    Wednesday, January 10, 2024

    Danfoss Drives are announcing the acquisition of the ACE300 product and the takeover of the product team from Finland-based company Ampner Oy, to extend the electrification portfolio with a dedicated 1500 VDC power converter. The product will be integrated within Danfoss Drives’ portfolio of Electrification Solutions with primary focus on Smart Grids and energy storage.

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    Inspiring speeches and discussions at the Fossil Free Future program launch event
    Friday, November 10, 2023

    We hosted an inspiring launch event in Helsinki for the Fossil Free Future program. Together with 100 of our partners, customers, and stakeholders we discussed the themes of the better future.

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    Danfoss to receive EUR 10 million in funding from Business Finland for fossil-free solutions in industry and transportation
    Friday, September 8, 2023

    Danfoss' "Fossil Free Future" program has been granted EUR 10 million in funding in Business Finland's challenge competition for leading companies. As a Business Finland leading company, Danfoss is launching a wide-ranging R&D and innovation collaboration with existing and new partners.