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Danfoss Industrial Automation is a leading global player within the development and production of fluid controls and pressure and temperature controls. Since 1933, the extensive know-how within Danfoss has made modern life easier and we continue to break new ground in our core business areas. Every day, more than 250,000 items are produced at 70 factories in 25 countries. Building strong partnerships is of great importance to us, because it is purely by understanding our customers’ needs that we can meet the expectations of tomorrow. This is also true in Danfoss Industrial Automation we are dedicated to focus on the industrial world of today. Through us, you gain access to the entire Danfoss pool of technologies, with special emphasis on pressure and temperature sensors and controls. We offer safer, more reliable and more efficient solutions in a close cooperation based on firm values. 

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Danfoss new sensor program enables new software and programmable features which allows us to adapt fast and easy to your application needs. See Dennis Carstensen explaining these features.

Accuracy is everything

Accuracy is everything

A brief introduction to Total Error Band by Max Luig, introducing the comprehensive method Danfoss uses to determine Total Error Band and explains its benefits and demonstrates how TEB works.

Drinking water solenoid valves -Danfoss

New solenoid valves for drinking water

WRAS and RISE approved solenoid valves ensure your compliance. Danfoss solenoid valves are the clever choice for installers and the safe choice for drinking water.

Position sensors in action

Position sensors in action

See our position sensors being put to the test at our Application Development Center in Nordborg, Denmark.

Case studies and technical articles

  • Leading ballast water tank systems manufacturer Techcross eliminates line blockages with Danfoss solenoid valves
    Leading ballast water tank systems manufacturer Techcross eliminates line blockages with Danfoss solenoid valves

    More than 90 percent of global trade is transported by sea. As a ship's cargo is unloaded and loaded, ballast water is pumped in and out to maintain the vessel's stability – this equates to around 12 billion tons every year.

  • Future of the Fjords meets 2026 emission targets, today
    Future of the Fjords meets 2026 emission targets, today

    This world-first fully-electric carbon fiber vessel safeguards the pristine Norwegian fjord environment, ensuring zero emissions.

  • Exhaust gas treatment
    How to comply with new regulation for exhaust gas

    Increased focus on the environmental impact from the Marine industry drives new exhaust gas emission restrictions and regulation. The new regulation forces vessel owners and shipbuilders to implement new technical solutions to ensure compliance with local, regional and global legislation.

  • Ballast water regulation - Danfoss
    How to comply with new Ballast water regulation

    This article explores the challenge of ballast water and the solutions required to comply with the new regulation.

  • CAN open rock drill Danfoss
    Big mobile hydraulic solutions have never been so small

    Without heavy machines, our world would grind to a halt. However, modern machinery relies on the complex and sophisticated systems to stay in operation and perform to capacity, and the smallest component can make a critical difference.

  • A world of water under pressure Danfoss
    A world of water under pressure

    Water puts pressure on people everywhere – whether they are struggling with too much, too little, or too dirty water. In fact, a water crisis is evaluated as one of the highest risks to the world and with the largest impact, according to the World Economic Forum. In this article, we outline the causes of this global water crisis – and offer a lifebuoy that can help us overcome it.


  • Aqua Nor, Trondheim
    20 - 23 August, 2019, Trade show, Trondheim, Norway

    Aqua Nor is the world's largest aquaculture technology exhibition. Technology, processes and services related to farming salmon, marine species, molluscs etc are represented at Aqua Nor.

  • IDA World Congress, Dubai
    20 - 24 October, 2019, Trade show, Dubai

    IDA World Congress & Exhibition is the most eagerly anticipated event for advanced water treatment and related renewable energy industries.

  • Kormarine, Busan, Korea
    22 - 25 October, 2019, Trade show, Busan, Korea

    Kormarine is an international marine, shipbuilding, offshore and oil & gas exhibition.