SWRO and brine mining

Unlocking the potential of brine mining and SWRO

Discover the fascinating potential of extracting valuable chemicals from brine, including Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) reject streams, and how this could revolutionize the SWRO industry.

This blog delves into the possibilities of brine mining and how it could help mitigate the environmental impact of SWRO by reducing brine discharge.

Join us on an informative journey to explore the latest advancements in brine mining technology and the economic and environmental benefits it could offer. Read on to learn more about the exciting potential of brine mining in the SWRO industry.

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    Brine mining and SWRO

    The mining of SWRO brine for valuable chemicals has begun – and has the potential to disrupt the entire SWRO industry.

    In this blog, we examine what makes brine mining interesting for SWRO operators and provide an overview of the key issues that might affect its adaptation.