News about High Pressure Pumps

Efficient fire extinguishing with minimal water damage

To increase efficiency and minimize water damage and risk of flooding, high-pressure water mist fire fighting have become a safe choice when choosing a fire fighting system.

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Greetings from High Pressure Pumps

Follow Jan on his trips around the world. His postcards are paired with a short video sharing where he is and how he’s helping our customers.

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Danfoss pump and valve solutions give firefighting systems a boost

Improvements to reliable Danfoss VRH valves and PAH pumps deliver more efficiency, allowing customers to stay competitive in the emergency services industry.

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New iSave 21 Plus

Danfoss launches a new generation of the popular iSave 21 ERD for smaller SWRO plants. Improved reliability, design flexibility and high efficiency are some of the features of the new iSave 21 Plus.

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Qualification of APP pumps and iSave ERDs

Our high-pressure APP pumps and iSave energy recovery devices have been tested by NavSea and are now qualified for operation in harsh environment onboard US military ships. Further, the tests have proved high energy efficiency with more than 70% savings compared to systems being used today. 

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Danfoss APP pump runs maintenance-free for 11 years

More than a decade ago, Watec replaced a traditional reciprocating pump with an axial piston pump from Danfoss. The pump was installed in a plant on a remote island, so reliability was crucial. Today, the pump continues to run maintenance-free while millions of gallons fresh water have been produced – resulting in a low total costs of ownership.

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Creating a sustainable future with seawater

Over the last decade, the use of positive displacement pumps in SWRO has taken off. With proven efficiency rates up to 92% and energy savings of 20%, the benefits of the simple and flexible solution are tangible and deserve exploration.

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