We mind your business

For years now, Danfoss equipment has been working successfully and efficiently under all kinds of conditions and with many different heating systems all over the world. Our industry leading position and years of experience mean that we are often the preferred advisor to consultants and contractors when specifying automatic controls and district heating substations for projects.

This means that we have built up extensive application knowledge and close working relationships with the key players in the district energy market. These business partnerships have, in turn, led to the creation of a wide range of innovative and customized solutions.

One supplier - multiple benefits

As a complete range supplier of automatic controls for the district heating market, we offer you, a partnership based on experience, knowledge and trust. Working with Danfoss as sole provider, a company that truly understands your
everyday needs, you will have one less order to place, one less delivery to manage. And this will not only improve your performance but also reduce your overall costs.

Keep your focus on performance

Whether you are building heat transfer district heating stations or involved in the design of the heating system application, Danfoss can offer components and inherent knowledge that enables you to optimize the total solution and cope with current and future demands.

Using top-performing Danfoss controls and components for constructing your heating system allows you to focus on enhancing total system performance, and thereby creating superior solutions for you and your customers.

Doing business with Danfoss means gaining access to industry leading:

  • Product portfolio for district heating and cooling
  • Consultancy and customer dedication
  • Innovation, technical optimization and performance
  • Safety and reliability in cooperation
  • Global reach with strong local representation and knowledge

Danfoss is therefore a sound choice whenever heating, district heating and cooling systems are to be planned, installed and upgraded.