A legacy of innovation

When it comes to district heating, nobody does it better than Danfoss. We are proud and humbled by this fact. And we want to explain why you should trust us when we say that choosing a Danfoss product equals choosing excellence.

Our ability to apply our know-how means that we deliver innovative, integrated products and solutions that set new standards in our field.

Combining Danfoss district heating substations, automatic controls and high performance plate heat exchangers provides the opportunity for including newly developed integrated products and features.

Our manufacturing plants are among the world's most highly automated. They operate according to the world's highest manufacturing and environmental standards, and yet they are firmly based on the product needs and wishes of local customers. 

Our products are applied throughout the process of generating, distributing and controlling heat to homes and buildings and they contribute to individual comfort and reduce energy consumption as well as provide reliable and lasting operations and guarantee minimum servicing.

Our innovative integrated control solutions result in:

  • Multi-functional and modular controls with improved control performance
  • Reduced size of controls & substations
  • Easy installation
  • Unique compact stations with multiple control solutions