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Emission monitoring

One solution provider of emission monitoring in the maritime industry

This covers monitoring and gathering of all emission data to be used for compliance, control, documentation, and optimization of processes in various applications throughout the engine room. This is done through platforms provided by the Danfoss IXA product portfolio.

All Danfoss IXA products together provide you with the best solution for emission monitoring that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

We are engineering a more sustainable shipping industry

Danfoss IXA A/S, part of the Danfoss Group, is a leading player in certified marine emission monitoring solutions. We develop sensors and systems, and our innovative sensors precisely and continuously measure climate parameters and environmentally harmful gases, providing documentation of regulatory compliance and essential input for energy optimization.

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Product Overview

Case Studies

Danfoss IXA presents a solution to meet IMO’s global enforcement of a 2020 sulphur cap of 0.5%. This and other application possibilities like SCR feedback, big data for engine optimization and compliance documentation are presented in this video.

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Since 2015, Nordic Tankers, Dania Ship Management and Danfoss IXA have been cooperating on testing new innovative technology for monitoring emissions on an ongoing basis. The result is a front runner solution to ensure global enforcement of the IMO’s requirements for sulphur emissions way before any legislation is pushed through.  

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