Test Engineering

Test Engineering

To ensure the quality of our software products, our test engineers are developing, executing, and maintaining automated product tests, test systems and test frameworks. Further, they ensure that features work as intended throughout development and product lifetime.

Tools and languages

Our software development is done both in (embedded) C/C++, and MATLAB Simulink. Python and Robot Framework is used for testing.

Our DevOps infrastructure is based around Azure cloud and GIT. All our developers will work across these technologies and are able to handle most aspects of software development from specification, design, implementation to successful end-to-end testing in the product - maybe even with customers.


At Danfoss Drives, we practice agile principles and our developers take responsibility for their tasks and all aspects of the product software. This is done as part of product focused multi-disciplinary teams.  


In 2020 I completed a Master’s degree of Computer Science (specializing in Distributed Embedded Systems) from Aalborg University. Previously I worked within the audio domain at Bang&Olufsen and RTX companies in Denmark. After moving to South Jutland last year I was looking for a job and found an exciting opportunity at Danfoss. I was hired as a software test engineer to work in a firmware team, which matched my previous experience and professional goals really well. It’s been a few months since I started working in this position.

I am a part of Test Department team at Danfoss, but I work closely with firmware development team. Some of my responsibilities are test development for new features, test maintenance and improvement, developers’ support and troubleshooting faults. I work on iC7 Series drive project, otherwise called the Viking.

We use python-based Robot Framework as our test environment. It is being run both in developers’ desk setups and integrated in automated testing using Azure DevOps pipelines. For debugging we utilize JTAG and serial connections to DUTs.

What I really like about my job at Danfoss is being an equal part of a team from the very first day. Getting challenging and interesting tasks and building knowledge of the domain through finding solutions. I like that Danfoss is really an international company and on a daily basis I connect with colleagues from Estonia, Finland and US. Together we try to find solutions and everyone is always ready to help and answer questions. The expertise and enthusiasm that is around inspires me a lot.

I chose Danfoss because I believe I can grow my career within the same company and gain skills in the area of my interest. But just as much it was important to me that solutions provided by Danfoss are targeting the global sustainable development goals. That’s why Danfoss is really a modern workplace and at the same time still keeps values of family-owned business.

Originally I am from Lithuania, but currently I live in Vejle and planning to move closer to Gråsten in the near future.

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