Software Engineering

Embedded software development is one of the cornerstones of software development at Danfoss Drives. Working as an embedded software developer means working with directly on our AC Drives product portfolio, helping to improve and expand the capabilities of our products. At Danfoss Drives, we have many roles concerning software development e.g. software engineer, software product manager and software architect.

Tools and languages 

Our embedded development is done mainly in (embedded) C and C++, but developers will also work in MATLAB Simulink for simulations and Python for testing.

Our infrastructure is based around Azure cloud and GIT. All our developers will work across these technologies and are expected to be able to handle most aspects of software development from code to successful build and integration. 


At Danfoss Drives, we practice agile principles and our developers take responsibility for their tasks and all aspects of the product software. This is done as part of product focused multi-disciplinary teams. 

What is your educational background?

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics.

How were you hired at Danfoss?

I got call from Danfoss HR team.

What department and team are you part of?

I am in the part of the Software & Control engineering team in India.

What is your responsibility at Danfoss?

I am an Embedded Software developer working as “Lead Engineer – Embedded Motor Control”. I am working on new motor control features implementations, new applications development support, customer issues resolution support, providing trainings and new infrastructure building in lab support.

What technologies are you working with?

Working mainly in embedded C for motor control side. I have some level of Experience with C++ for Application Software developments, HIL simulation and MATLAB simulation.

What is the most important tool?

Code composer studio (CCS), GIT (Azure DevOps), Visual Studio, Debuggers (Spectrum Digital) and Typhoon HIL. 

What is the best part of your work?

As a Lead Engineer, I am enjoying my work and as well as growing my team to the better level.. I am learning continuously and implementing innovatively. I am taking new challenges and am trying to deliver with better solution.. I am getting very good support from my team and management. So, I am happy person here.

Why did you choose Danfoss?

The best working culture , very good R&D facilities and very good management.

Did anything surprise you when you started?

The Management is too good, and also working culture and process. Those really surprised me at that time. 

Where do you live?

I am from “Srikakulam, Andra Pradesh state” in India. Now living along with family in Chennai, India near to office.

Ready to join us?

A series of megatrends are transforming the world as we know it: Increased digitalization, electrification, and urbanization, as well as the challenges connected to food supply and climate change. At Danfoss, you will help develop energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that contribute to solving the global issues of today and tomorrow.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we provide a variety of opportunities for you to make your career matter.

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