Agile and Scrum

Agile and Scrum

To work with agile and scrum means working with people and ensuring that communication flows and work is moving forward. This enables our developers to be at their best and our teams to be at their peak. At Danfoss Drives we have several roles within agile and scrum e.g., scrum master and agile coach.

Tools and languages

Working with agile means working with people and communication. At Danfoss we use various tools to facilitate the agile process, but all are focused around people.


At Danfoss Drives, we practice agile principles and our developers take responsibility for their tasks and all aspects of the product software. This is done as part of product focused multi-disciplinary teams. 


What is your educational background?

Electrical and Industrial Engineer from my home country. Then I moved due to an exchange program to Denmark, where I finished a Master in Power Electronics and Drives at Aalborg university.

How were you hired at Danfoss?

As newly graduated, I was looking for a job within my domain of expertise. At the same time, I wanted to work in a company which was engage with sustainability and new ways of handling energy consumption.

Have you moved around internally at Danfoss?

I have had few roles while working in Danfoss in the last years. I have been working as a:

  •  Control engineer: developing algorithms to control motors.
  • Application Engineer: developing algorithms to provide solutions to our customers in order to control their applications.
  • Scrum Master: in a nutshell, coaching and helping the teams in self management and continuous improvement.
  • Agile coach: helping the teams, the individuals and the organizations to adopt agile practices and methods while embedding agile values and mindsets. My goal is to foster a more transparent, effective and cohesive teams. Seek for continuous improvements, enabling in that way better solutions and products for our customers.

What department and team are you part of?

At the moment I am working in the software organization, but as an agile coach I also work in close collaboration with the organization and teams of different areas, fieldbus, hardware etc.

What is your responsibility at Danfoss?

Agile Coach

What projects do you work on?


What is the most important tool?

I work with people. If that could be consider as a tool I work together with the individuals and the teams. If I would have to mention some of the tools I use as an agile coach, those could land on the area of observation, coaching, facilitation, asking powerful questions and helping to build relationships in the organization.

What is the best part of your work?

The best part of my work is to see that with my help, even not technical, my colleagues and the organization can grow. See the growth on people and “aha” moments, makes my day.

Why did you choose Danfoss?

Danfoss has a great reputation in Denmark. When I finished my education in Denmark, I was looking to work in an organization aligned with my values and with a clear purpose. Therefore, I applied for Danfoss.

Did anything surprise you when you started?

I think many things, and all good. If I would have to pick two, that would be the warm welcome that I got at my first day at work, where everybody seemed to be happy to have a new colleague. That made me feel at home.

The second one is the openness of my new colleagues. Coming from a different culture, I go shocked about how easy was to ask questions, get answers and how quick I was already in the lab operating some of the machines that Danfoss was producing at that time. It took literally 3 days to be in the lab operating machines.

Where do you live?

I live in Sønderborg with my girlfriend. We are a very international family, since I come from Spain, she comes from Russia, and our two daughters are born in Denmark.

Ready to join us?

A series of megatrends are transforming the world as we know it: Increased digitalization, electrification, and urbanization, as well as the challenges connected to food supply and climate change. At Danfoss, you will help develop energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that contribute to solving the global issues of today and tomorrow.

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