Agile and SCRUM

Agile and SCRUM

To work with Agile and SCRUM means working with people and ensuring that communication flows and work is moving forward. This enables our developers to be at their best and our teams to be at their peak. At Danfoss Drives we have several roles within Agile and SCRUM e.g., SCRUM Master and Agile couch.

Tools and languages

Working with Agile means working with people and communication. At Danfoss we use various tools to facilitate the Agile process, but all are focused around people.


At Danfoss Drives, we embrace Agile and our developers are part of product focused SCRUM Teams. Our developers takes responsibility for their own tasks and the multi-disciplinary teams handle all aspects of the software side of their product. 


What is your educational background?

Electrical Engineer from Spain. Msc. In Power electronics and drives, from AAU

How were you hired at Danfoss?

I was looking for a job within my domain. I knew about Danfoss and I wanted to work with innovation and green energy. I decided to apply for Danfoss solar inverters. Had an interview with Lennart Lund and I got hired.

To extend myself, funny I had also an agreement with SMA with was our main competitor but decided to stay with Danfoss after seeing young colleagues and some names that were role models at AAU.

15th of march, Denmark full of snow, stayed by couch surfing at some peoples place. Walked to the office and got wet as a good Spaniard. I asked to see the facilities and the labs and got very happy about how friendly the colleagues were. They showed me the inverters, the lab and some functions. I do not work with them anymore but one happens to be my neighbor and the other was my mentor.

Have you moved around internally at Danfoss?

From Solar inverters working as control engineer, to drives. At drives I worked in the application engineering department and now in the SW & Control Engineering for the Software Engineering Excellence.

What department and team are you part of?

SW & Control Engineering for the Software Engineering Excellence.

What is your responsibility at Danfoss?

Agile Coach, also taking the role as Scrum Master

What projects do you work on?

iC7 Automation – more a product than a project.

What technologies are you working with?

I work with people, the best technology, apart from that I have some knowledge about application software, motor control and toolchain

What is the most important tool?

People, SCRUM masters and line management.

What is the best part of your work?

There are many, thinking out of the box.

Help my colleagues grow. Help them to grow personally and professionally. Every now and them look back and see that a small part of my work contributed to help them to be better at what they are best. Solve problems for our customers.
Work with some of the best engineers in the world which I really admire and learn from them. If you want to learn, surround yourself from smarter people than you.
Reflecting and looking back, seeing how Danfoss has helped me to become better professionally and as a person. The diversity of thoughts, opinions, and cultures it has had a great impact in who I am today, also the support given by the organization, the education provided, the understanding and the work balance affects too in the private life. All these things helped to craft who I am today.

Why did you choose Danfoss?

When having the job interview, we had a very friendly conversation where both parties wanted the best for all. They were willing to show me as well the technologies that they were working with as well as the lab facilities. I could see that I could fit in this organization and be a part of Danfoss DNA. Also Danfoss has a reputation of caring about its employees. I have not regret ever since.

Did anything surprise you when you started?

The openness and friendliness of the colleagues. No matter the hierarchy or the position, everybody is willing to listen to different opinions. The diversity, there is many different people working at Danfoss, from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Where do you live?

Sønderborg, with my Russian girlfriend and two daughters.

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