Fossil Free Future program in a nutshell

Fossil Free Future program in a nutshell

Our aim in the Fossil Free Future program is to increase research, development, innovation activities in Finland through green energy solutions. In addition, the sustainable solutions can create new jobs, and improve capabilities and competences of workforce in energy sector.

Danfoss is one of the forerunner Veturi companies in Finland. Veturi companies build and develop ecosystems, and we at Danfoss are looking for business and research partners to collaborate with us. 

The Fossil Free Future program focuses on three different areas:

  • Highly efficient smart power electronics, digitalization, and sustainability
  • Off-highway vehicle electrification, smart energy storage solutions and charging infrastructure 

  • Efficient and cost-competitive green hydrogen production 

Get involved

Do you have any questions? Or do you have an idea or a project in mind that would fit the Fossil Free Future program? Maybe you want to join our ecosystem? 

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