Why Genuine Danfoss?

Watch out for counterfeits to protect your image.

There is every reason to make sure that the product you pick up is genuine Danfoss quality.

All Danfoss products are built on an impressive platform of know how and experience. The material we use and the technology we apply are of the highest quality – which is why Danfoss products come with a multitude of international approvals.

Counterfeits, on the other hand, are likely to have a number of shortcomings. These may interfere with the operation of an entire system and at worst cause the compressor to break down. So it pays to stay clear of fake products. Especially if you wish to protect your reputation in the market.

Choose a product in the “Uncover counterfeits” menu to learn how to tell counterfeits from genuine Danfoss quality. You will also find examples of what the risks of installing counterfeits are.

Uncover counterfeits - by product type

Fake coils for solenoid valves could cause serious damage to your refrigeration system. Identifying Danfoss genuine coils is not difficult – but attention to detail is key here.

Top or Bottom side: The genuine coil has the three digits on the top or bottom side. Except for the coil with cable, other coils have the earth symbol as well.
Cable: The genuine coils with cable made in Denmark have no letter/digit on the cable.
Top cap: Genuine Danfoss coils have a more straight top cap side.
Connection with solenoid valve: Genuine Danfoss coils are extremely difficult to unplug from the valve by hand once it is plugged. 

Spotting a fake Danfoss compressor is possible. Look at the logo, label (font, codes, and number) and shell color or contact Danfoss.

Shell color: all the Danfoss reciprocating compressors have a unique blue color while repaired/fake compressors are covered with a different color. Scroll compressors are blue or black.

Label: The Danfoss logo has a unique red color. Reciprocating compressors also have
the Maneurop logo at the bottom of the label

The 4 corners are precut. If the label has been removed from a genuine compressor, the corners will be missing.

Two-dimensional code: a QR code is available on the label.
After being scanned by a mobile phone APP, it reveals the model number and the tens digit of the serial number, which shall be identical to the ones on the left top of the compressor label.

New Design for Danfoss T2/TE2

Danfoss has implemented a new patent registration design to protect our expansion valve and the applications of our customers against counterfeit products. Take a closer look at the valve body and you will see that it has special cavities on its surface.

Bulb: Genuine Danfoss valves have a cylindrical bulb and special text stamped on the bulb strap.
Valve body: Since 2012, Danfoss's name has been removed from the valve body and there are typical cavities in the body.
Welding: Laser welding is applied in the color of shining silver and the edges are well defined.
Orifices: Danfoss genuine valve orifices, differently from the counterfeits, have strong acetylene welding.

Look for the Holospot® label
Visible to the naked eye, the code is the quickest way to make sure that you are holding a genuine Danfoss filter drier. Check that the code matches the last two digits in the 10-digit product code (visible with a standard magnifying glass). The solution offers multiple combinations so that you will never see the same code twice.

The current packing box of the Danfoss filter is in the "brick" design with a square white label at the end. It has the Eliminator® brand on the label and in the box.

Danfoss filter driers are black with a smooth, power-lacquered surface. 

When you shake the filter, genuine Danfoss filter has NO sound because of the solid core.

Every genuine filter is made only in Mexico before year 2012, and a new factory is set up in India with manufacturing since the middle of 2012.

If the filter drier's drying capacity is insufficient, the compressor can be damaged – which may, in turn, lead to a complete breakdown of the system. Damage caused by water in the refrigerant can be costly. A new compressor is expensive in itself and on top of that, you have to add the cost of production standstill.

If the fake filter core disintegrates, loose fragments can easily block the expansion valve, and may cause the entire system to grind to a halt. Operational downtime may result, causing damage to your goods or poor indoor climate.

Check the stamp and the indicator color

It pays to stay clear of counterfeited products. The dangers of choosing fake rather than genuine Danfoss products are significant and likely to jeopardize your reputation in the market.

Go genuine. Our sight glasses have unique Danfoss features and can be identified by their humidity indicator, stamping on their body, and details on the label and packaging.

Humidity indicator: it shall be green or yellow according to the humidity percentage.
Label: the indication "MADE IN CHINA" or "MADE IN INDIA" is printed.
Body: our sight glass body is stamped with "Danfoss" on the side, "52bar/74psig" on the other, and the model code on the back, matching the same code printed in the packing box.


Cold Controls (thermostats) are subject to the LVD directives, meaning they must be tested according to this Directive so that customers can feel safe and secure during buying and installing these Cold Controls. Danfoss Cold Controls also called 077B to have all the necessary approvals, tested by UL (the US and Canada) and BEAB (Intertek) for Europe. Danfoss Cold Controls 077B is the only 077B, that have these approvals. Danfoss 077B comply with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and amending (EU) 2015/863 and Food Contact Materials Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, meaning we do not use any dangerous and harmful substances in our 077B.

Danfoss 077B is only produced in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia.

How do I know if it is a fake or an original Danfoss Cold Control 077B I have in my hand?

If you want to be more informed about counterfeits go click on:

077B thermostats presentation – Counterfeits and Danfoss products

How do I know if it is fake or original Danfoss Cold Control 077B ?

Fighting counterfeits

Fake products give your business as well as our company a bad name. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to fight the counterfeits. Danfoss' Intellectual Property department is constantly filing lawsuits against counterfeiters who are caught selling their fake Danfoss products through wholesalers. Usually the fake products are uncovered during regular street raids in the big cities. In addition to this, Danfoss never misses a chance to focus on the dangers of counterfeited products – at trade fairs and at authorized wholesalers.

Contact us

Send an email stating the product type and from where it is sourced. Please, attach a photo of the product with the nameplate in high resolution for search purposes.

Report counterfeits to your local Danfoss service center