Cold chain in emergent markets

Growing demand for reliable cold chains to safely deliver much needed food and medicines to a rapidly increasing global population is a neglected focus in the green transition. With the world’s population expected to grow by nearly 2 billion people by 2050, investments in sustainable cold chain technology are urgently needed to ensure that we are able to feed the growing number of people on the planet. If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest emitter behind the US and China, contributing to up to 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Danfoss collaborate with various partners to build reliable cold chain in emergent markets.

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African Center of Excellence in Rwanda (ACES)

ACES stands as the pioneering Center dedicated to sustainable, smart cold-chain, cooling and post-harvest management (PHM). The 4.8 hectare main campus in Kigali, is hosted by the University of Rwanda in Kigali in collaboration with Rwanda Polytechnic (IPRC).

Danfoss provides training modules and has sponsored an Inspira Farms cold room as part of the training center. Read more about ACES

Further planned Danfoss activities include “train the trainer” programs and intensified engagement with installer associations in Rwanda.

Partners: Government of Rwanda (REMA), University of Rwanda, UNEP U4E, CSC, The UK government, The University of Birmingham in partnership with universities across Britain. 

Danish church aid

Loss2Value project in Kenya

Danfoss participates in the Loss2Value Project in Kenya, which was launched together with the Danish Church Aid at the Africa Climate Summit in September 2023. The project’s objective is to reduce post-harvest losses by emphasizing the concrete value of energy-efficient cold storage to smallholder farmers and traders in Kenya and creating the ecosystem to make it a sustainable business case.  Read more here

By implementing sustainable business models and financing solutions, the initiative seeks to empower Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and farmers. Elevating expertise, accreditation, and standards in cold and cooling systems are integral to this initiative to foster a favorable environment for responsible climate solutions. This initiative not only addresses the immediate challenges, but also contributes to creating a lasting and resilient impact on the agricultural landscape in Kenya. 

Partners: DanChurchAid (DCA), Danfoss (key commercial partner), Other partners: Fresh Produce Exporter's Association of Kenya, InspiraFarms - Enterprise Projects Ventures Ltd.

Eyes in africa

Eyes in Africa

37% of food is wasted in Sub-Saharan Africa. This not only leads to reduced food security, it also results in reduced sales and income for farmers and traders. To tackle this challenge Danfoss has enrolled 12 students across Africa to collect market data from their home countries. Over six months, the students specialized in mechanical and electrical engineering have conducted  research on food facilities, hotels and industries in Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast.

This Danfoss Project focuses on Africa as a region with growth potential. These young minds of Africa are ready to dive into the inner market as they know the language and are familiar with technology and can gain useful insights for future and existing Africa-related cold chain projects. The Danfoss initiative will not only provide possibility for professional and personal growth for the students, but can also uplift the existing cold chain market in Africa to other parts of the world.

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