Nordborg, Denmark

Nordborg application development center


The customer application development center is situated at the Danfoss headquarter in Nordborg, Denmark. The ADC is equipped for testing of various customer units in climatic controlled chambers, functional test of refrigeration components, and full scale supermarket and chiller application test. This laboratory is specialized in experimental test set up.

Available tests:

  • Residential air conditioning
  • EU heat pumps
  • Food retail
  • Commercial refrigeration

The laboratory is prepared for test of high pressure refrigerant; CO2 as well as flammable refrigerants.

Residential AC 1.5 to 5 TR
EU Heat Pumps Up to 7.1 TR
Commercial Refrigeration  
Functional Test in R410A Up to 100kW
Functional Test in R134a Up to 180 kW
Functional Test in R744 Up to 500 kW
Chiller Control Test 100 TR
R744 Supermarket Control Test  
HFC Supermarket Control Test  

Danfoss ADC, Nordborg