New Directional Valve Group (DVG) from Danfoss Power Solutions brings higher performance, faster delivery to open-center valve market

Thursday, June 20, 2024

NORDBORG, Denmark – Danfoss Power Solutions today announced the launch of its DVG family of hydraulic valves, a new line of open-center directional control valves for mobile machinery. Currently available in North, Central, and South America, the valve group brings a new level of quality and performance as well as rapid and reliable delivery to a competitive market. DVG 60 and DVG 100 valves are ideal for a variety of construction, material handling, and agriculture machinery, including skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, backhoe loaders, truck-mounted cranes, and tractors.

Danfoss DVG valves offer several class-leading performance attributes, including return flow rate, pressure drop, and active spool stroke resolution. DVG valves are designed with meter-out flow 75% higher than meter-in flow at 15 bar pressure drop. This enables fast cylinder retraction to meet desired cycle times, eliminating the need for complex or oversized systems. Pressure drop from the valve inlet to the work port is 33% lower in a DVG 60 valve and 7% lower in a DVG 100 valve compared to the next best alternative. This best-in-market pressure drop reduces power losses and heat generation, enabling customers to reduce fuel consumption and cooling needs while optimizing the energy efficiency of the machine. With 4.2 millimeters of active spool stroke resolution on proportional electrohydraulic controls, DVG 60 and DVG 100 valves provide better application controllability than other open-center valves on the market.

The modular build concept is a key feature of the DVG valve family. A common interface for the DVG 60 and DVG 100 valves enables flexible configuration to meet each machine’s precise requirements. A maximum of 12 work sections can be combined in one valve, enabling use on machines with a range of functionality.

“OEMs and distributors have many open-center non-compensated valves to choose from. Our new DVG valves are a solid companion that provide unparalleled quality coupled with fast delivery. The valves complement our extensive spool valve portfolio, enabling Danfoss to be the one global supplier for all machine control solutions,” said José Ralero Sánchez, global product portfolio manager, Spool Valve Solutions, Danfoss Power Solutions.

DVG valves are available with proportional actuators, which can be programmed with Danfoss PLUS+1® software. Preprogrammed compliance blocks for the actuators reduce time to market while improving ease of use for customers transitioning from mechanical to electrical control.

DVG 60 has a work port flow rate of 60 liters per minute (15.8 gallons per minute), while DVG 100 has a flow rate of 100 L/min (26.4 gal/min). The work port continuous pressure rating of both sizes is 310 bar (4,500 psi). DVG valves are available with a variety of actuation methods, spools, and features, offering flexible valve configuration. Circuit options include series, parallel, and tandem. Control types include electronic (proportional and on/off), mechanical, cable, hydraulic, electropneumatic, and pneumatic. The large range of spools include three-way, four-way, float, regen, and kick out. Each is offered in different variants, ensuring the DVG valve can be used in many applications.

For more information, visit the DVG valves webpage.