Fewer teeth, but new shhark® pump has stronger bite!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Newly introduced shhark® Z17 gear pump brings a host of performance benefits following its development in the new Product Introduction (NPI) Center and testing at our Application Development Centers (ADCs).

Danfoss Power Solutions recently launched its new shhark® Z17 gear pump, which brings better noise performance and greater durability for distributors and their customers. In this update, learn how Danfoss Power Solutions is leveraging its the new Product Introduction (NPI) Center to support the R&D development and fast prototyping for products like shhark®. Also read how DPS solutions are being tested in real customer applications at our Application Development Centers.

With its newly improved and quieter patented design, the recently introduced shhark® Z17 gear pump will be making lots of noise in the marketplace.

Available to Danfoss Power Solutions distributors since January, the new shhark® has better noise performance than its model Z19 predecessor, thanks to an optimized helical angle and it has better durability thanks to the fewer number of teeth in its new design.

“We’re very excited with the market launch of our new shhark® gear pumps,” said Giacomo Fragassi, Strategic Marketing Manager. “The Z17 is available in displacements ranging from 6 cc to 28 cc GR2 frame size and it’s recently been added to our Design Center – making it immediately and easily configurable!”

The new shhark® offers distributors and their customers a host of performance benefits including:

  • Flow pulsation reduction of 78% compared to standard gear pumps
  • Higher volumetric efficiency by 2% over standard gear pumps
  • Noise emitted at lower frequency, resulting in high sound quality
  • Low noise performance throughout the life of the pump
  • Noise level reduced by up to 10 dB(A) compared to standard gear pumps
  • Noise regulations compliance meeting legal NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) requirements  
  • Compactness thanks to combination with internal spline gears
  • Cost savings with the elimination of end-of-line noise reduction measures

Ideal solution for hybrid machines for which the hydraulic pump is one of the most important source of noise.


New Product Introduction (NPI) Center

To support the R&D development and fast prototyping for products like the new shhark®, the New Product Introduction (NPI) Center has been opened at our production facility in Bologna, Italy.

The NPI has full ownership on all project prototyping because it can respond quickly and precisely in response to the customer requests. The center has full machining capability for all pump and motor components for low-volume production and it’s a tremendous resource for aiding our supplier network during the ramp-up phase of new products.

The NPI is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including traditional manufacturing as a lathe and a CNC milling center, hobbing machine, cylindrical grinding center and different 3D printers in its additive manufacturing area.

To see how a shhark® gear pump is produced and later tested in the NPI, check out this special video tour.


shhark® sightings at our ADCs

How the shhark® gear pump performs in a real customer application is something that we can measure at one of our three Application Development Centers (ADCs) in Ames, Iowa; Nordborg, Denmark; and Haiyan, China.

At our strategically located ADC facilities, DPS engineers work closely with customers to create new ways for maximizing performance by improving key machine systems – by developing, testing, proving, demonstrating and refining machine results. This takes place on actual machines and/or one of the many onsite test vehicles used at the global ADC locations. 

Watch the shhark® in action inside a wheel loader owned by Danfoss in this video from our Nordborg ADC.

To learn more about our shhark® gear pumps and overall product portfolio, please contact your local Account Manager.