Vineyards frost protection

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Safe up to 87% of harvest during the frost period using a sustainable solution

Did you know that 71% of the world's grape production is used for wine? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 75,866 square kilometers of the world is dedicated to grapes and the total worldwide wine production comes to 31 billion liters. 

Late spring frost is one of the greatest challenges vine growers are facing. Non-heated grapes can suffer considerable inflorescence damages (up to 50%), whilst heated grapes will have dramatically improved protection of harvest loss or damage and reduce the losses to approximately 13-20%. 

Worldwide, the grape and wine industry rely on three main alternatives for frost protection: frost fans, sprinklers, and candles.

Frost protection of delicate grape buds

Electric Heating solves the challenge with energy efficient systems using Electric Heating cables to protect grapes against frost damage. Vineyard Frost Protection by Danfoss is a sustainable solution for a green and clean future through low energy consumption during the frost period allowing to safe up to 87% of harvest. Vineyard frost protection by Danfoss is an ideal solution for any vineyard dimension.

Top performers working to keep frost out of vines are: DEVIsnow™ / ECsnow and DEVIsafe™ / ECsafe heating cables and installation accessories. Selected cables are high quality resistive twin conductor heating cables with cold connections. Developed to resist chemical fertilizers and corrosion, the high pulling strength UV stable cables are allowed to work in severe conditions and are covered by 20-year Warranty.

  • An energy-efficient solution using electric heating cables 
  • Easy, fast and reliable installation 
  • A customized approach to meet your needs, area of winery and number of rows 
  • Proven high saving impact compared to the existing methods 
  • A low-carbon solution that respects the environment and does no harm to the landscape 
  • A solution adapted to wine-growing practices (leaving space for people and machinery) 
  • 20-year warranty offered for heating cables 
  • Safety of use
  • No need to pay for rent of alternative equipment or candles yearly due to minimum maintenance requirements
  • Crop loss reduction to 13-20%
  • Quick return on investment with fixed price per hectare
  • Increasing output of your winery
  • Silent solution that doesn’t disturb the neighbors
  • Consider your winery’s geographical position and temperature fluctuations to choose the corresponding power necessary per meter
  • Indicate length of each row of vines
  • The heating cables by Danfoss are installed along the main trellising wire of the vines
  • Contact for technical support
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Vineyards frost protection

Vineyard Frost Protection by Danfoss is a sustainable solution for a green and clean future through low energy consumption during the frost period allowing to safe up to 87% of harvest.

Short Facts about vineyards:

The largest producers of wine in the world vary from year to year, the current leaders being Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Australia.

Wine grapes mostly grow between the 30th and the 50th degree of latitude, in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Grapes will sometimes grow beyond this range; thus, a small number of wines are made in some rather unexpected places.

With environmentally friendly, electric protection solutions for vineyards, you can choose the vinery’s corresponding power necessary per meter, according to its geographical position and temperature fluctuations.


At Danfoss, it is important for us to deliver high-quality products with long-lasting effects. Should you, against all expectations, experience a problem with your product, Danfoss offers a warranty for electric heating products valid from the date of purchase that was no later than 2 years from production date.

20-year product warranty

The product warranty is valid for the 20-year warranty period and shall offer a new comparable product or repair of the product if it is found to be faulty by reason of defective design, materials or workmanship.

Product warranty covers costs for:

  • product replacement with a new comparable product or repair of the product
  • transportation costs

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