Danfoss Drives solutions on board Maersk Tender help to reduce CO2 emissions

Monday, December 13, 2021
Danfoss Drives solutions on board Maersk Tender help to reduce CO2 emissions

The Maersk Supply Service vessel “Maersk Tender” has just completed a test with The Ocean Cleanup to mix biofuel into marine oil to reduce CO2 emissions. The test results are very promising.

Biofuel is an expensive alternative to standard marine oil. However, despite the cost, this test provides valuable insight into technology which further reduces emissions in the long term.

The ship was retrofitted with AC drives from Danfoss Drives on each of its four thrusters. These drives help Maersk Supply Service to achieve even more energy savings, since the thrusters no longer rotate continuously and thus only consume electricity when actually required. Thrusters usually run at full speed. Now, they are controlled individually, and this is very useful when running Dynamic Positioning (DP) mode. Danfoss Drives supplied 2 x 800 kW VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 and 2 x 500 kW VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 units for control of the 4 thrusters.

In addition, Maersk Supply Service installed AC drives from Danfoss Drives to improve efficiency of all engine room fans. Efficient ventilation is another important contribution to ensuring fuel-efficient consumption.

The results of this study can now pave the way for similar upgrades to be carried out on several of Maersk Supply Services’ T-class vessels, explains Maersk Supply Service.

With the new solution, Maersk Supply Service has succeeded in reducing fuel consumption. When operating in Dynamic Positioning (DP) mode, fuel consumption is reduced by approximately 30%.

Caspar Daugaard Andersen, Key Account Manager at Danfoss Drives Sales Denmark, says: "It has been an exciting process to help make a difference in reducing the carbon footprint at Maersk Supply Service. We have many other exciting collaborations in the pipeline, where we will hopefully achieve the same good results."

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