New industrial refrigeration semi-welded plate heat exchanger

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We're proud to introduce a new series of semi-welded plate heat exchangers that have been specifically designed, crafted, and tested to fit ammonia-based industrial refrigeration applications.

The SW19-59 range of semi-welded plate heat exchangers adds one more reliable solution to the broad portfolio of industrial refrigeration solutions our customers have come to expect from us. This new range has been infused with our deep experience and expertise, and can help industrial refrigeration professionals achieve a safer, more energy-efficient operation.

The SW19-59 range features several key enhancements, making them ideal for use with ammonia-based industrial refrigeration applications.

New plate design delivers excellent heat transfer capabilities

The SW19-59 range features improved thermal performance due to optimized plate geometry supporting high turbulent flow enabling a compact design and supporting lower charge.

New gasket system improves plate pack stability

Operational safety is essential in ammonia applications, so a new gasket system has been engineered. It ensures high gasket stability and optimal plate alignment due to new gasket and gasket grove design, enabling easy and fast service and maintenance. The new design improves the sealing effect and prevents gasket-blow out. Furthermore, the risk of contamination is reduced due to the double gasket barrier that will drain potential leakages outside of the plate pack. The new gasket system is glue free for easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance and service

The SW19-59 range is easy to service and maintain. Technicians have quick access to the plate pack with the non-corrosive nylon roller that makes it easy to slide the follower along the carrying bar. assembly of the plate heat exchanger is fast and safe thanks to fixed bolt heads and lock bushes which prevent the nut and bolt head from rotating when opening and closing the unit. The enhanced gasket system ensures easy and precise plate pack alignment.

High quality product - fully tested

The Danfoss semi-welded plate heat exchanger design has been verified through thermal and mechanical tests. Furthermore, each semi-welded plate cassette and fully assembled plate heat exchanger are thoroughly leak tested with helium before they leave the Danfoss factory.


Our new line of Semi-welded plate heat exchangers is available now in Europe, Middle East and Africa. It will be available in the rest of the world during 2019.

Learn more about the new SW19-59 range of plate heat exchangers at

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    Semi-welded plate heat exchanger for industrial refrigeration ammonia applications

    The semi-welded plate heat exchangers are optimized for industrial applications. The semi-welded plate heat exchangers from Danfoss is designed for ammonia systems and can be used for applications such as Condensers, flooded and pumped evaporators, Sub-coolers, Desuperheaters and Oil coolers.