Highly efficient free cooling technology for data centers with new Danfoss micro channel heat exchanger

Monday, September 12, 2022

Conventional cooling typically accounts for around 40% of data center energy usage. As part of its efforts to drive energy efficiency, Danfoss has been working to expand its micro channel heat exchanger (MCHE) portfolio with models that are even more relevant to the specific sustainability challenges faced by data centers.

The introduction of new Glycol MCHE for chiller and dry cooler applications is a big step in this regard, with free cooling being a feature that can have a huge advantage on both the environmental impact of a cooling system, but also the running costs.

Free cooling for sustainable data centers

Optimizing the capacity of IT equipment and preventing expensive downtime, Danfoss MCHE facilitate ideal thermal conditions around server installations while optimizing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), keeping energy consumption and CO2 emissions at a minimum.

In the warmer months, with outside air temperatures above 20°C, a large amount of power is required to keep IT equipment cool enough to run at its optimal level and cooling is provided by the mechanical system. But in cooler months when air temperature drops, there is an opportunity to utilize the outside cold air as part of the cooling system.

By transferring the heat generated by the building and equipment to the outside, the low ambient temperature of the air passing over the MCHE cools the system, meaning the compressor can be stopped and power consumption is significantly reduced.

Unique design

The Danfoss Glycol MCHE has a unique manifold design with a lower water pressure drop than other models on the market. This greatly reduces water usage, power consumption and optimizes peak performance.

Highly customizable connections and special bracket design make the MCHE easy to install to the unit frame. The tubes are optimized to perfectly balance the heat transfer and pressure from the refrigerant side.

Glycol MCHE technology can operate both independently and in combination with the refrigeration cycle.

“Free cooling offers such a clear benefit to data centers, so we’re pleased to be able to give OEMs a simple way to integrate it into existing designs,” said Jeff Tucker, Global Head of Micro Channel Heat Exchangers at Danfoss.

“With energy bills rising and the climate crisis at the forefront of minds, finding ways to innovate now will play a big role in the future landscape. The new technologies we are introducing are a huge step forwards in helping customers meet their decarbonization goals.”

Along with MCHE, Danfoss offers a comprehensive portfolio for data center cooling including compressors, valves, line components, controllers, combined with an unmatched application expertise and extensive technical assistance.

Discover the benefits of free cooling in this video

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