Micro channel heat exchangers

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Lightweight and immune to galvanic corrosion

The micro channel heat exchanger (MCHE) is ideal for use in residential and commercial air conditioning systems as well as in refrigeration equipment driven by energy efficiency and reduction of the refrigerant charge.

With the MCHE you get an ingeniously simple, all-aluminum design that is not only lightweight but is also immune to galvanic corrosion. The aluminum construction makes it one of the most sustainable solutions in the market due to its high strength, sealed design and recyclable materials.

The MCHE is highly efficient with the refrigerant flowing in micro channels. The design principle results in 30 percent less refrigerant charge compared to other heat exchangers.

Features and benefits

Compact design, less weight, sustainable materials

30 percent reduced refrigerant charge*

10 percent increased efficiency*

High corrosion resistance

Free cooling cycle for data center cooling

*Under same conditions compared to Fin & Tube heat exchangers

Free cooling for data centers

Free cooling is an approach to lowering the air temperature in a building or data center by using naturally cool air or water instead of mechanical refrigeration. It delivers optimal performance by minimizing compressor operation when outdoor air temperatures are low enough to assist in cooling the chilled water loop. Power is only used to run the pumps and fans that keep the water moving, which reduces the facility’s electrical expenses and carbon footprint.

Glycol micro channel heat exchangers

Glycol micro channel heat exchangers for data center free cooling systems

With the addition of a free cooling cycle, we offer a customizable, innovative solution to deliver highly reliable cooling and reduce energy cost in a sustainable way

Deep-dive into the technology


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