Achieving the green ideal with Aarstiderne organic food company

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aarstiderne sets ambitious goals when it comes to sustainability and their impact on the environment. So, they needed a unique solution when it came to upgrading their refrigeration equipment during a recent expansion. Danfoss CO₂ refrigeration solutions proved to be the perfect fit.

For around 20 years, Aarstiderne has sold organic foods on a subscription basis, offering door-to-door delivery to private and business customers all over Denmark.

Their food is of the highest quality and delivered in distinctive wooden crates. During busy periods, Aarstiderne ships out up to 40,000 of those crates per week. Large volumes of high-quality product need to be properly cooled, and Aarstiderne's earth-first philosophy made environmentally friendly refrigeration a top priority. So, when they decided to expand their operation, they went looking for a sustainable option.

They found what they were searching for with JF Køleteknik A/S, who had developed a CO₂ cooling solution that could deliver the cooling power they needed, while drastically lowering the overall Global Warming Potential (GWP). That CO₂ system that was installed and commissioned in Q1, 2018.

A Danfoss AK-PC 782A controller was at the heart of this solution, but our involvement didn't stop there. Morten Hansen, owner of JF Køleteknik A/S, emphasized that dialogue and support were a big part of why partnered with us, saying: "The possibilities for documentation and technical support that I have with Danfoss make the difference to me. I find Danfoss to be very responsive when we make constructive suggestions. I haven't seen that with other vendors that we've used."