Standing strong with our Ukrainian colleagues

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Danfoss invites colleagues to make donations to Ukrainian team. Around the world, many teams have expressed desire to help our Ukrainian colleagues and their families during the cold winter season.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Washington DC on December 21-22, to meet US President Joe Biden at a critical time for his country. The war in Ukraine is now in its ninth month, and the visit follows Russian attacks on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure in all major cities.

Danfoss is following the situation in Ukraine as closely as possible as the winter months are getting even more unpredictable for our team and their families.

“We are all relatively safe, and we look after each other. We are very grateful for all the donations this year, and the donations we received from our colleagues have mostly been used to secure heat and electricity supply to our houses and apartments where we live,” says Andriy Berestyan, Director, Danfoss Ukraine.

Donations from Danfoss colleagues all over the world exceeded 77,500 Euro which was then matched by Danfoss, and a total amount of 155,154 Euro was made available for our colleagues in Ukraine. All Ukrainian colleagues received a special amount of 1,500 Euro in October thanks to these kind donations.

“It’s always safety first, and everyone is constantly adapting because we still face many challenges. The main focus remains safety and to ensure electricity and heat supply to houses and apartments where we live,” says Andriy Berestyan.

With our team and their families facing such a difficult time, Danfoss has decided to re-open for donations from colleagues around the world.

Jürgen Fischer, President, Danfoss Climate Solutions, says:

“The safety of our colleagues in Ukraine remains a top priority for all of us, especially when the cold Northern European winter sets in and they may need help more than ever. Danfoss colleagues have already been so generous in their donations, but many teams have recently expressed their desire to help our Ukrainian team and their families during the cold winter season. As a result, we have decided to re-open the bank account for donations.”

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