1,500 EUR to all our Ukrainian colleagues

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Donations from Danfoss employees around the word is now helping Ukrainian colleagues at home and abroad. “We are so grateful,” says General Manager, Ukraine.

An extra 1,500 EUR suddenly appeared on Customer Service Specialist Lyubov Lyutfalieva and 88 other Ukrainian colleagues’ bank accounts earlier this month. The money comes from the fund Danfoss created this spring when employees collected 77,500 EUR to help their Ukrainian colleagues affected by the war.
Danfoss topped the amount, so the fund reached a total of 155,000 EUR.

“I was surprised when I learned that we would all receive money. I wish I could thank all Danfoss colleagues around the world and all Danfoss leaders. It is moving to receive help when you are in trouble like we have been, and still are, in Ukraine. Sometimes I get very scared and nervous. But I do believe that the war will end soon, and that Ukraine will win. I have to,” says Lyubov Lyutfalieva.
According to General Manager in Danfoss Ukraine Andriy Berestyan, the needs of our Ukrainian colleagues and their families vary greatly from case to case.

“So, in the Ukraine Crisis Team, we felt the right approach would be to give all the same amount – and let each family decide how to best use it. Ukrainian employees express great gratitude for this money from their colleagues. They are also grateful for the kind words and offers for help and housing which they have received throughout this difficult time – not least from colleagues in neighboring countries,” he says.

The remaining part of the money collected – 23,500 EUR – has been reserved as a buffer in case of emergencies. It may also be used after the war.
Order intake in Danfoss Ukraine is currently about 45 percent of last year’s level. A large part of the products sold go to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by Russian bombing, including water supply and heating installations.

“Our warehouse outside Kyiv was destroyed by a bomb in March. This meant that we had to rearrange how we receive orders and deliver to customers. It felt like starting from scratch. But we’ve managed. It shows just how committed all our 89 Ukrainian colleagues are. I am proud of them,” explains Andriy Berestyan.

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