Danfoss announces new Global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Regional Inclusion Councils

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New ERGs back up ESG commitment to take a leading position on Diversity and Inclusion.

Danfoss has announced five new global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), alongside ten new Regional Inclusion Councils, where employees can come together based on shared characteristics, life experiences or interests.

The new Danfoss’ ERGs and Inclusion Councils reflect the company’s ambition to take a leading position on Diversity and Inclusion.

ERGs are recognized as a central instrument for business growth. Danfoss ERGs provide employees with an outlet to help shape the organizational culture and create an environment of belonging through communities of shared identity, experience, and interests, as well as providing resources that empower leaders and teams to foster inclusion. Each Global ERG is sponsored by two executives, including a member of the Group Executive Team (GET) and a business or functional leader, ensuring D&I is embedded in Danfoss’s purpose and strategic priorities and fostering stronger inclusivity across the employee experience.

The Regional Inclusion Councils represent global perspectives across all Danfoss regions to provide equitable solutions by identifying and eliminating systemic barriers. They will meet monthly to discuss what is being actioned, assess how it’s working, and provide advice on next steps in expanding the company’s D&I posture.

Ilonka Nussbaumer, Senior Vice President and Head of HR, Danfoss says: “With the new Global Employee Resource Groups and Inclusion Councils, we are taking active steps to identify barriers we might have overlooked in the organization to be able to provide an even more inclusive workplace for everybody.”

Nussbaumer adds: “Danfoss is expanding our global footprint with the strategic intention to lead the green transition and build a better future – this cannot be achieved without attracting, retaining and ensuring proper representation of all kinds of people. We must do everything to ensure we do not exclude anyone who is able to help us fight climate change. We’re asking colleagues in the communities represented to join these groups, as well as allies who can champion along with their colleagues.”

The five new Global Employee Resource Groups launched by Danfoss include:

  • Danfoss MULTICULTURAL & NATIONS – focusing on employees of all ethnicities/nationalities and allies
  • Danfoss GENDERS – focusing on employees of all gender identities (i.e., women, men, non-binary) and allies
  • Danfoss ABILITIES – focusing on employees of mental and/or physical disabilities and allies
  • Danfoss GENERATIONS – focusing on employees of all age groups and allies
  • Danfoss PRIDE – focusing on employees of the LGBTQ+ community and allies

Nussbaumer added: “Diversity & Inclusion is one of three pillars of our ESG ambitions. It’s embedded in our overall Core & Clear 2025 strategy, and it will work as a business enabler for strong employee engagement, increased customer satisfaction, societal impact, and business growth. Our people are the engine of our business, and we are reframing our approach to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. The more diverse our workforce is, the more diverse the ideas and experiences are while we engineer tomorrow to build a better future.”

For further information please contact:
Amanda Chick, Global PR Lead
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