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  • Cranes with brains

    Palfinger’s new TEC and SH knuckle-boom cranes are connected to the internet. Danfoss has helped make it happen. Lean about all the benefits.

  • Banana case farm in India
    The Agricultural Giant has Awakened

    New technology has woken up the world’s largest banana producer and, in 2018, the first Indian bananas were exported to Europe. Cold-chain technology has proven a game-changer for Indian banana farmers, whose income has doubled and even tripled, while wastage has been brought down by almost 20%.

  • Astrid Helene - fully electric workboat
    Goodbye to NOx particles

    Grovfjord Mekaniske Verksted, Norway, has designed one of the world’s first fully electric workboats. No engine noise, no diesel fumes, zero emissions. It’s electrification at sea. And drives from Danfoss have helped make it happen.

  • Danfoss Heating assists Nantes with massive reduction on CO2 emissions

    FRANCE: A new heating network makes the French city Nantes capable of reducing 17,000 tons of CO2 per year. The project takes place in several steps and includes schools, administrative buildings, a nursery and 7,400 residential apartments.

  • First step towards smart city in Poland

    The city of Słupsk and Danfoss have signed an agreement to build a vision for the city as smart and highly energy-efficient. First step taken.

  • Urban Rigger could crush European housing problem
    Urban Rigger could crush European housing problem

    EUROPE: Students are amongst the first to experience the challenges of finding a place to live in an undersupplied market. In fact, rising urbanization in Europe’s major cities will leave a projected shortfall of more than four million beds by 2025.