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  • Danfoss helps customer fight COVID-spread via air

    Huge demand for US ventilation manufacturer’s COVID limiting system. Danfoss helps them prevent spread in restaurants, supermarkets, and other buildings.

  • Danfoss data center at the headquarters
    Danfoss decarbonizes by building green data centers

    Next year, Danfoss headquarters will be CO2 neutral. In 2024, by utilizing excess heat, Danfoss own data centers will provide 25% of the headquarters heating need. Read how Danfoss decarbonizes by building green data centers.

  • Danfoss and ZF join forces to reinvent transportation

    Together, Danfoss and ZF will accelerate the electrification of the global car industry and transform the sector for a sustainable future.

  • Mother with child in supermarket's cooling section
    Danish supermarkets turned into heat suppliers

    A Danish supermarket fulfills 95 percent of its heating demand from its own cooling display cases. The chain has installed Danfoss heat recovery units and managed to halve its CO2 footprint in five years. Imagine if this was done in all supermarkets in the world.

  • Solar panels covering an area equal to 60 soccer fields
    Key role for Danfoss in world’s largest solar heating plant

    How does heat absorbed by thousands of solar heating panels in a rural field reach showers and radiators in private homes? Danfoss components play a key role making it happen in the town of Silkeborg, Denmark. Learn how.

  • They are the eyes and ears of Danfoss

    Danfoss Enterprise Services in Baltimore delivers real-time insight to 14,000 supermarket operators and the demand is growing.