Bitten and Mads Clausen painting

Danfoss is a family-owned company with a strong sense of philanthropy and social responsibility. Work is organized within a number of dedicated Danfoss foundations. Each has its own goals and areas of support. 

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Innovation built on strong roots

Mads Clausen (1905-1966) is the founder of Danfoss, now one of the biggest companies in Denmark. His formidable technical skills, along with a talent for understanding the future needs of his customers, gave birth to a global company overseen from his birthplace at Nordals. While he kept a global perspective, he also held a profound respect for the local community and the people who made Danfoss growth possible. 

For the good of Danfoss

In 1971 Bitten Clausen, Mads Clausen’s widow, founded Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation. She did so as part of a generational change at Danfoss to bolster Danfoss’ future. The formation of the foundation entailed Bitten Clausen transferring 50% of the share capital of Danfoss A/S to the foundation and establishing a trust deed for its activities.

The foundation’s primary aim is to guarantee Danfoss’ financial and competitive development. If the Foundation’s primary aim is achieved, it may choose to support Danfoss A/S indirectly through other initiatives. The foundation’s Board of Directors selects the initiatives it wishes to support. Requests for funds cannot be made to the Foundation.

The Danfoss Foundations

Over the years, Danfoss and the Clausen family have founded several other foundations with the goal of supporting worthy causes in southern Denmark, especially on the island of Als where Danfoss is headquartered.

These Danfoss foundations accept applications for funding and make contributions to charitable causes. Some of the foundations consider applications from employees of Danfoss, while others consider applications from external parties. The largest of these foundations is the Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation.