Danfoss Postgraduate Program

Unleash your potential as a Danfoss Postgraduate 

With a legacy dating back to 1974, the Danfoss Postgraduate Program is a testament to credibility. It's the launchpad for over 80 active Danfoss leaders who are proud alumni of this transformative journey.

At Danfoss, we turn words into action. Our mission is to create connected, intelligent, electrified, and energy-efficient solutions, shaping a more sustainable tomorrow. Now, the time has come for you to make your mark by contributing to the green transformation of our world.


Choose a sustainable career 

Currently, we offer two postgraduate programs.  

#1 The Danfoss Global Postgraduate Program is your gateway to global career opportunities – both during and after the program. Here, you'll experience the “core” of our business by immersing yourself in impactful business projects that provide invaluable professional experience across multiple business areas and foster powerful personal growth. The cross-functional capabilities you develop will enable you to develop synergies across our organization. 

#2 The Danfoss Finance Postgraduate Program is for you if you’d rather have a more focused development experience within finance topics.  Here, you’ll experience all areas of the Danfoss Finance Model with hands-on learnings within segments, divisions/business units, legal entities, and factories. Your first-hand understanding of our financial engine room basics will give you a unique understanding of our business and business decisions from a finance angle.

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We're on the lookout for ambitious young talents who want to be a part of Danfoss's mission to create a better future. We value graduates with fresh ideas and the drive to bring about meaningful change. 

Your journey

This two-year program is your ticket to playing a pivotal role in three distinct projects, each lasting eight months. Your journey begins at our headquarters with your first project, ready and waiting from day one. Subsequent projects are chosen in collaboration with your mentor, aligning with your profile and personal learning objectives.  

Projects could be within areas such as emerging market development, supply chain optimization, manufacturing excellence, electrification, digitalization (just to name a few). In every project, you'll receive regular coaching and guidance from the project owner.

As a global Postgraduate, you'll have the flexibility to work from selected Danfoss sites.

A Personal Mentor

You'll be paired with a personal mentor from Danfoss senior management, guiding your professional and personal development throughout the program.

Development Hubs 

Your Danfoss journey begins with a one-week onboarding boot camp, introducing you to the company, workshops, team-building, and new friends. An international development experience awaits you between rotations along with unique learning opportunities.

Postgraduate Buddy

Join the postgraduate community and be paired with a fellow postgraduate who is one year ahead of you. Your buddy will provide invaluable assistance with Danfoss knowledge, networking, practical insights, and their program experience.

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Our Recruitment Process 

Our recruitment process is designed to identify and nurture potential talent. We believe in comprehensive evaluation, from video interviews and cognitive assessments to in-depth interviews and real-world business case evaluations, ensuring we welcome the best fit to the Danfoss Postgraduate Program. 

  • Application and Assessment: Apply between November 1st and January 15th, and if shortlisted, you'll complete a video interview and cognitive assessment. 
  • Interview and Evaluation: Promising candidates proceed to a comprehensive evaluation phase, which evaluates their behavioral competencies and business acumen, including a detailed assessment of a business case. This stage will continue at the latest until March.  
  • Contract and Start Date: Upon impressing us at every stage, you'll sign a contract and officially begin your journey with the Danfoss Postgraduate Program on September 1, 2024. 


Transform your future with the Danfoss Postgraduate Program. Experience hands-on learning in real business settings, open doors to global career opportunities, and join a community of change-makers. Fuel your innovative spirit and contribute to a sustainable world with Danfoss.

Go from words to action - start your Postgraduate journey today.

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