Legacy joysticks

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Meeting the requirements

Joysticks are sophisticated components in the man-machine interface.

At Danfoss, we develop and update our range continuously to meet the growing functional and safety requirements of today’s mobile machines.

From time to time, this means phasing out older products to make way for the newest technology and ergonomic designs.

To support customers during the phasing-out period, we continue to supply these joysticks as legacy products.

The following legacy joysticks are currently available:

  • Ergonomic ProGrip 
  • Direct control of PVE-based valves 
  • Built-in switch for external equipment 
  • Up to 8 on/off functions



PROF1 Housing STP

  • One or two potentiometer sensors
  • Single axis
  • Shaft movement options
    • Spring return, and with one spring force
    • Friction hold with adjustment
  • Environmental protection
    • Tested to NEMA 4 (IP 65)
  • Electrical connection
    • Terminal strip (standard configuration)
    • Wiring harness (pigtail) with optional connector
  • Grip options     
    • Ball
    • Center lock 
    • Push-button 
    • Rocker switch 
  • IP 65 environmental sealing above panel 
  • Built-in switch for external equipment 
  • Direct control of PVE-based valves



Housing STP

Housing IGS

  • Fingertip control 
  • Small dimensions 
  • Low weight 
  • Built-in flow regulation



Housing STP

Housing DXF

  • IP 54 environmental sealing above panel
  • Direct control of PVE-based valves
  • IP 54 environmental sealing above panel
  • Direct control of PVE-based valves
  • Single or dual axis
  • On/off rocker switch
  • Up to 3 proportional outputs
  • Long life potentiometric sensing
  • Independent direction switch signals
  • Single axis
  • IP 66 environmental sealing above panel


Housing STP


  • Contactless hall effect sensing
  • Redundant sensors
  • Single and dual axis
  • IP 65 environmental sealing above panel
  • Multiple grip options, including Z-axis twist


Housing STP
Housing IGS


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