PLUS+1® XL controllers

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Powerful, versatile high-pin solution

CAN-based PLUS+1® XL controllers offer a high I/O pin count for optimal vehicle control. PLUS+1® XL controllers provide space savings and optimize installation costs while meeting the latest technology needs for high-end performance. Programming our controllers requires minimum effort with our easy-to-learn PLUS+1® GUIDE software.

High-pin controller with integrated safety functionality and the most recent machine interfaces.

With the highest pin-count in the PLUS+1 controller families, the XL controller eliminates the need for expansion modules, supporting a more stream lined machine design and reduced space consumption, which also makes it suitable for very compact vehicles.

The power of PLUS+1® controllers

Enables the versatile and continuously expanding PLUS+1 tool chain and ecosystem saving costs and reducing total cost of ownership.

Utilizing the PLUS+1 tool chain, provides higher flexibility and faster development cycles.

Save programming time and quickly build your machine application using the graphical PLUS+1® GUIDE application.

For trouble shooting and technical field support, the PLUS+1 suite comes with the powerful and free PLUS+1® Service Tool that helps quickly connecting to the CAN system and read or fine tune parameters.

For advanced programming use cases the system allows for POU’s in C-code as well as perform simulation in Matlab Simulink.

Dual Boot capability and supports programming in full C-Open code application with the ability to port and program PLCopen applications (IEC-61131-3 Industrial Programming Standard) using Structured Text, Ladder Diagrams and Function Block Diagrams.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Safety guide PLUS+1 controller XL 104-xxxx functional safety implementation safety manual English Multiple 19 Jun, 2024 6.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® controller XL104-0000 data sheet English Multiple 17 Apr, 2024 1.2 MB .pdf
User guide PLUS+1® XL Controller Platform 100+4 pin Technical Information English Multiple 03 Sep, 2020 2.9 MB .pdf
User guide PLUS+1® XL Controller Platform 100+4 pin Technical Information Italian Multiple 12 Jul, 2021 2.9 MB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® XL104-0000 Controller Data Sheet Japanese Japan 20 Oct, 2020 2.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet PLUS+1® XL104-0000 Controller Data Sheet Chinese (CN) China 20 Oct, 2020 1.8 MB .pdf

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