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Danfoss Silicon Power – a technology-leader in customized power modules for automotive, solar, wind and industrial applications - is an independent business and part of the Danfoss Group enabling electrification to change our world.

Product overview

  • IGBT module
    IGBT power modules

    Custom IGBT power modules for energy, industrial and e-mobility applications

  • SiC power modules

    Custom silicon carbide (SiC) power modules for energy, industrial and e-mobility applications

Danfoss US

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Get more information about our world class power modules build in the US.

Application overview

  • Electric traction inverter (HEV/EV)

    Danfoss has developed a second-to-none portfolio of technologies to address the many challenges faced by automotive manufacturers and system suppliers designing traction inverters for e-mobility.

  • Solar inverters

    Today, Danfoss works together with some of the world's most innovative and successful solar inverter manufacturers with a common mission of lowering the cost of solar energy enabling a transition to a more sustainable future

  • Wind power conversion

    The Danfoss power stacks reliably convert the kinetic energy from the wind turbine blades into a form that can be fed directly into the electrical power grid. This ensures that maximum energy is harvested from your wind turbine whilst offering durable and dependable  electricity supply.

  • Industrial motor drives

    Motor drives are the backbone of modern global industry. They are well hidden, but nevertheless they play a key role. For decades, Danfoss has been designing, developing and manufacturing customized IGBT power modules for industrial motor drives.

DCM™ 1000

DCM™ technology platform for automotive traction

Work with Danfoss and experience traction inverter design in a new way. Let's build the solutions your customers demand.

Rely on world-class quality

To ensure you receive components of only the highest level of quality, our entire manufacturing process up to the electronic and testing processes takes place under clean room conditions. Our state-of-the-art production equipment automatically packages modules directly from the semiconductor on wafer to the final electric test.

Power modules from Danfoss Silicon power are manufactured on automated assembly lines. Our 35,000 m² research, development and production facility is certified according to

Our certified processes are your assurance for consistent high quality and a streamlined path from development to manufacturing. These certifications enable us to quickly transfer development projects to high volume production that can be integrated seamlessly into the OEM or automotive manufacturer's supply chain with full focus on quality.

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We are looking for talent

We are looking for talent

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  • DCM™ technology platform
    Danfoss introduces new technology platform for automotive traction inverters
    Tuesday, July 10, 2018

    The DCM™ is a robust, chip independent technology platform and designed for Si and SiC semiconductors. The technology platform is well-defined, based on proven technologies, and yet scalable and customized to meet specific requirements.

  • Strategic Partner Supplier Award
    Danfoss awarded Strategic Partner Supplier in 2017 by SUNGROW
    Friday, February 23, 2018

    In January 2018, the Annual Supplier Conference was held by SUNGROW in Hefei (China). SUNGROW is the largest PV inverter system solution supplier in the world. Danfoss stood out again from SUNGROW’s over 500 suppliers by winning the award of Strategic Partner Supplier in 2017, topping the award received in 2016, for being a Distinguished Supplier.

  • Danfoss Silicon Power to set up SiC competence center in Munich
    Danfoss Silicon Power to set up SiC competence center in Munich
    Thursday, February 1, 2018

    Danfoss has the unique opportunity to offer individual employment contracts to 18 former GE Research employees in Munich.