Danfoss introduces new technology platform for automotive traction inverters

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Developments within automotive technology are ever more centered around the electrification of the drivetrain and demand for high quality igbt and silicon carbide power modules is increasing rapidly. A key approach to meeting the stringent automotive requirements and speeding up the time-to-market is the development of a new power module technology platform.

That is why Danfoss is introducing the new DCM™ technology platform which is especially suited to match the technical design challenges of automotive traction inverters for HEV/EVs. The DCM™ technology platform comprise of Danfoss’ market leading technologies: Danfoss Bond Buffer® that combines sintered die attach and copper wire bonding, transfer molding processes for robust packages, to liquid cooling technologies namely ShowerPower® and SP3D®.

The DCM™ is a robust, chip independent technology platform and designed for Si and SiC semiconductors. The technology platform is well-defined, based on proven technologies, and yet scalable and customized to meet specific requirements.

The DCM™1000 power module covers 750V semiconductors in silicon (Si), and the DCM™1000X covers 1200V semiconductors, either in Si or silicon carbide (SiC). Both are designed to operate under harshest conditions and includes Danfoss Bond Buffer®, Shower Power 3D® and transfer molding.


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