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Innovative solutions

It takes innovative solutions to harvest food, build the infrastructure and connect the technology we all rely on. Advances in propel technology move us forward in achieving these goals. Danfoss can partner with you to design and implement hydrostatic drive solutions. These provide operators with machines that are easier to maneuver, making it a more profitable investment for your customers.

Compared to a mechanical drive system, a hydraulic drive system can help produce the instant response, smooth adjustment of speed and torque. As well as precise control you need to help differentiate your machines in the marketplace. Danfoss can provide you with pre-engineered solutions that can be customized for your equipment. Additionally, help you design a completely new solution for your unique needs.

Some of the most common solutions are found in our Propel Application Library (PAL). This is a collection of approximately 80 software function blocks for propel applications. With PAL, your development team can focus on system configuration and fine-tuning your solution to fit your unique customer needs. This is instead of coding software from scratch.

We work with customers to develop solutions including

Automotive control

Best point control


Drive modes

Dual path applications

Traction control

Related products

  • PLUS+1® Controllers
    PLUS+1® controllers
    Our PLUS+1® controllers are the brains behind intelligent vehicle control. Thanks to their rugged design, they’ll withstand the toughest conditions your vehicle comes up against. Programming our controllers requires minimum effort with our easy-to-learn PLUS+1® GUIDE software.
  • PLUS+1® remote controls
    PLUS+1® remote controls
    Our PLUS+1® remote controls represent the latest technology of human-machine interface. Through radio technology, the operator is kept at a safe distance while having improving productivity.
  • PLUS+1® displays
    PLUS+1® displays
    Many options are available with our PLUS+1® programmable displays. Ranging from plug and play to customized operator interfaces with optional external camera.
  • PLUS+1® sensors
    PLUS+1® sensors
    Our temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. PLUS+1® Compliance supports easy integration.
  • PLUS+1® joysticks and pedals
    PLUS+1® joysticks and pedals
    Our high-tech solutions, such as pedals and joysticks are designed for precision performance, durability and functional safety.

Related applications

  • Wheel loader solutions from Danfoss Power Solutions
    Wheel loaders
    Work with us on new power solutions and experience wheel loader design in a new uplifted way.

Related solutions

  • Automotive control solutions
    Automotive control solutions
    Automotive control technologies help increase machine controllability, regardless of operator skill level.
  • Best point control
    Best point control
    This unique solution works by constantly adjusting operating parameters of key drivetrain components to maintain optimal efficiency points. These include the diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic pumps and motors.
  • Braking
    Heavier vehicles. Smaller engines. Stricter stopping-distance regulations. They’re all challenges to heavy-equipment braking systems — and they’re all challenges that can be overcome with Danfoss solutions.
  • Dual path
    Dual Path
    Today’s machines get more done, more efficiently, thanks to advances in transmissions, pumps and motors. Danfoss is leading the way in perfecting the dual-path solutions that bring them all together. Delivering precision equipment control, less operator fatigue and greater productivity.
  • Propel application library
    Propel application library
    The Danfoss Propel Application Library (PAL) is a collection of function blocks for propel applications.
  • Traction control
    Traction control
    Danfoss has made advances in traction control an integral part of our mission to help engineer tomorrow.

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